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Make It Your Own: Mike and Dara’s Garden Coop

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Portland Chicken Coop Family Portrait

I got a nice message the other day from Mike and Dara P. of Portland who built their backyard chicken coop using The Garden Coop plans.

Their coop works beautifully in their city backyard and fits well into their neighborhood. It also makes a great backdrop for their family holiday card!

In the note they sent, they shared tips from their experience building The Garden Coop as well as some of the ways that they customized the design to work for their situation. Here are some excerpts:


Talking urban chickens on OPB’s Think Out Loud

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Radio host David Miller (left) and me by The Garden Coop

Radio host David Miller (left) and me by The Garden Coop

This morning, I was excited to be a guest on OPB’s radio program Think Out Loud. The show today was about urban chickens, and online host David Miller came by with a remote unit to broadcast live from our backyard.

I think he was hoping to pick up on the mic some gentle clucking in the background. But as a testament to how quiet backyard hens actually are most of the time, the girls didn’t make a peep.

Three other Oregonians joined in as guests, and the conversation ranged from the legal (two nearby cities just declined ordinance changes that would have made keeping chickens possible/more possible) to the practical (health, cost, chicken safety) to the philosophical (what moves people to keep chickens in the city in the first place).

Several listeners called in and many more joined in the online discussion, and it left me with lots to think about. More on that in upcoming posts. It also left me grateful to live in a place where the law and the culture are accepting of keeping chickens. Thanks, Portland! And thanks to Julie Sabatier and OPB for putting together a great show.

You can listen to the program here.

P.S. David, you’re welcome back for eggs anytime.

2009 Tour de Coops raises record amount

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

We took part in Portland’s Tour de Coops again this year, and the turnout was incredible. A few hundred people streamed through our yard on a hot Saturday in late July to see our two coops and our (now) eight hens and to ask questions.

We saw several familiar faces, including a few past customers who stopped by to say hi and show us pictures of their coops. Visitors spanned all ages and types. If you ever hear someone say that keeping chickens or growing your own food is an ‘elitist’ endeavor, send them to me.

Better yet, send them to Growing Gardens. This is the non-profit group that puts on the Tour de Coops each year to raise funds in support of its mission: to help Portlanders grow their own food, especially those without the resources to get started. (more…)