About Us

The Garden Coop LLC is a small family business located in Portland, Oregon. We got our start in 2008, when our walk-in chicken coop was featured on a citywide chicken coop tour. A number of the guests cycling through that day said they were interested in building something similar, so I put together a plan and began offering it online as The Garden Coop.

Once the plans were online, I realized just how many folks — from all parts of the country and around the world — were looking for the style and functionality of a coop like this. And they were quite happy to work from plans to skip the headache of figuring it all out from scratch.

Several designs have followed that first one. I created The Garden Ark in response to requests for a smaller, portable design. I created The Basic Coop to see how much coop you could get from the fewest materials possible — and The Garden Run series alongside it as a flexible way to expand your chicken run while keeping your flock engaged and protected. I developed The Garden Loft for those looking for even more space than The Garden Coop. Most recently, I created The Quail Hutch and started a whole new adventure of keeping backyard quail. We’ll see what comes next!

I’m a writer and teacher by profession and a gardener and DIY-er by hobby (or compulsion, if there’s a difference). Hopefully, all that comes through in our plans, products, blog posts, and tutorials. I believe you shouldn’t have to think like an architect — or have to work backwards from an image or diagram — to build a chicken coop that’s both practical and beautiful. Nor should you be limited by anyone’s instructions, including mine. For many people, our plans and designs are just a starting point for coops that are much nicer than what I could ever dream of creating.

As I mentioned, this is a family business. My wife, Gie, has contributed her insight to the plans and business and her artistic touch to our coops. And my two kids have helped with everything: building, leading workshops, packing kits, shipping — even modeling for photos and videos. Best of all, they got to grow up keeping chickens!

Thank you for your interest and for your support of our efforts. Please email me if you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts to share. I look forward to hearing from you.

John Carr

Chicken perched on the shoulder of a man with beard and glasses inside a chicken coop