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People are building and enjoying our coops all around the U.S. and the world! Metric plans are available. International orders are welcome.



Keep your flock safe from the very start.


Brood your own chicks! This durable wire cage brooder is safe, sturdy, and easy to keep clean — perfect for raising a small backyard flock.


Strong. Secure. Made in the USA.

Chicken Brooder CageRaising your own chicks is one of the most rewarding parts of keeping backyard chickens. They don't require much — just warmth, food and water, attention, and a clean, safe place to grow.

That's where these brooder cages come in. Made in Portland, Oregon of the highest quality materials and workmanship, these brooders make keeping chicks easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable. And they're built to last, so you can use them to brood multiple flocks for years to come.



What's to love:

» Sides and top are 14-gauge wire mesh with openings of 1" x 2", narrowing to 1/2" x 1" around the bottom and on the door. This keeps your chicks in and curious pets and children out. It's also less of a fire hazard than a cardboard or plastic brooder setup.

Slide out droppings tray.» Smooth galvanized mesh floor (1/2" x 1/2") lets poop fall through to the tray below. You can add a thin panel of wood or cardboard over part to give your chicks a partial solid surface option.

» Slide-out galvanized steel tray for easy cleanup. Simply line the tray with newspaper or pine shavings to absorb the poop that falls through the wire.

» Draft shield limits drafts near the base when chicks are small and helps contain mess.

» Ships flat and partially assembled to save on shipping costs. Assembly is completed in just few steps with included J-clips (for a more permanent assembly) or optional black nylon zip ties (for assembly by hand). Optional J-clip pliers may be added at purchase.

» Assembled dimensions are 36" wide x 24" deep x 19" tall (top of brooder to bottom of pullout tray). The height inside the brooder from the wire floor to the top is 16".


Scroll down for more photos and FAQs...



Order your chick brooder here.

Simply choose any optional add-ons, then click "Add To Cart" below to begin your purchase. You can adjust quantities in the cart and pay securely with credit card or PayPal.

To pay with credit card: proceed to "Checkout with PayPal" then click on the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link. Please read additional notes below.

Brooder Cage for Chicks

Brooder Cage
(ships flat)

Please order separately.
See notes below.*

Add Zip Ties:

Add J-Clip Pliers:


View Cart


Brooder cages are currently available in the U.S. only and cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box. See our return policy below.

If you're using a PayPal account, double-check the address you have on file, as that is where your items will be delivered by default. You will be responsible for shipping costs if we have to resend your items.

* If you are ordering other tangible items from our site, you will get the most accurate shipping estimate on your items if you place the brooder cage order separately. This does not apply to our coop plans, which you can add to any order without affecting shipping. Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to have a more streamlined solution soon.

DELIVERY TIME: Brooder cages ship direct from the manufacturer via UPS Ground. Please allow 2 days for processing and 5-7 days for delivery.



Questions about the chick brooder cage:


How many chicks is this brooder cage sized for?

The number of chicks that will fit comfortably in this size brooder cage depends on how long you plan to brood them. Many backyard chicken keepers move their chicks out into their big-girl coop at around 4-6 weeks of age. If you plan to move them out by 6 weeks, you could raise up to 6 chicks in this brooder cage. If you plan to move them out between 6 and 12 weeks, I would keep no more than 3 chicks in this brooder.

Of course, when your chicks are 1-2 weeks old, you could fit dozens of chicks in this size space. But they grow — and grow fast!



How are the brooder cages packaged and assembled?

Your brooder cage will arrive flat packed (to significantly lower shipping costs) and will include detailed instructions on how to assemble it. Assembly takes just a few steps.

Optional J Clip PliersYour package will include a set of J-clips for a more permanent assembly which is done using a pair of regular pliers or specialized J-clip pliers (optional, yet highly recommended; see image at right).

If you prefer to assemble the cage without tools, we can include an optional pack of black nylon zip ties. These have the advantage of letting you more easily tear down the cage for storage between brooding seasons.



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Do I need to brood my chicks in a cage like this?

A brooder can be as basic as a cardboard box or something much more elaborate. An excellent, fully secure DIY solution is to build the quarter-height module from The Garden Run enclosure series. When you chicks are fully grown, simply attach this unit to your outdoor coop to expand their secure day run.

Of course, if you're building The Garden Coop, The Garden Ark, or The Basic Coop chicken coop designs, the henhouses in these coops can be used as brooders as well (if not already occupied by a flock). So to answer the question, no, you don't need a brooder cage to raise baby chicks.

A brooder cage like this lets you house your chicks in a garage, basement, or spare room. Its all-metal construction makes it less of a fire risk (with a heat lamp) compared to a carboard or plastic option. It gives excellent protection from other pets and predators. The wire floor and poop tray make it super-easy to keep clean. And it can be used many times over for a lifetime of raising and keeping chickens. You can even use the cage should you ever need to isolate a single full-sized hen at some point.



How do I add a roost (perch)?

Roost Perch in Chick Brooder CageThe wire sides of the brooder cage make mounting a perch quite easy. You can use a tree branch of around 3/4" to 1" in diameter if you have one or simply use a one-by-two or two-by-two (wide side up).

Trim it to 25" in length, then cut vertical notches in the ends to slip around the wire to hold the roost in place. Mount it about 4" off the floor of the brooder and not directly beneath the heat lamp.



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What is the shipping method and how long does it take for delivery?

Brooder cages ship direct from the manufacturer (in Oregon) via UPS Ground. Allow 2 days for processing and 7 days for delivery. Please note that UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box, so please provide a residential or business address.



Can I arrange for pickup in Portland (Oregon) to avoid shipping costs/time?

Yes. When you place your order, let me know you'd like it held for pickup. I will send you details on when and where to get it, then refund your shipping costs once you confirm that you've picked up the item.



Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Currently we are set up to ship within the U.S. only. This may change in the future. Our chicken coop plans, on the other hand, may be purchased internationally.



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What is your return policy?

Please open and inspect your items right away! In the unlikely event that your items arrive damaged, you must let us know by email within three (3) business days of receipt. We will either replace the damaged pieces or arrange for an exchange.

If you are not satisfied with your items or change your mind, email us to let us know that you would like to make a return, and we'll send you further instructions. Brooder cages are shipped flat and must be returned exactly as shipped and in new, resellable condition within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price, less a 15% restocking fee.

Shipping costs are not refundable. You are responsible for return shipping costs. We'll issue your refund once we've received your items.

IMPORTANT: Brooder cages must NOT have come into contact with any animals to be eligible for return. All items are examined carefully upon return.



Other questions?

Email us.








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More photos. . .

Here are a few shots of how you can set up your brooder for a few backyard chicks. (Heat lamp, waterer and feeder, pine shavings, etc. are not included.)


Brooder cage set up with heat lamp (not included).

Chicken brooder with waterer and feeder (not included).

Pine shavings in the pull out clean out tray on brooder.







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