Mary’s Garden Ark Mobile Chicken Coop and Run, Atlanta, Georgia

Easy to build chicken tractorThis Garden Ark in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood is a good example of how anyone can use our chicken coop design plans to create something wonderful. According to Mary, “I did it all by myself with no help. . . I had never used a circular saw before this project!”

Not only did the plans help Mary build the coop herself, they also gave her the skills and confidence to take the design even further. Her adaptations include. . .

  • Using 2×6 for the skids and 8″ wheels
  • Adding a ladder and changing the placement of the perch
  • Adding a reclaimed window instead of the egg door
  • Outboarding the nesting boxes
  • Covering the floor of the henhouse with vinyl stick-on tiles
  • Building and connecting an additional run
  • Shortening the double doors to work with additional run

Fruit crate nesting boxes

Recycled Fruit Crate Makes Perfect Nesting BoxOne of the features that adds a personal touch to her chicken coop is the old wooden fruit crate Mary transformed into outboard nesting boxes. “I removed the top two of three slats on the side facing the henhouse and covered it in plywood,” she says. “I made a shelf with some extra 2×6 lumber and two corner braces to attach the boxes. I’m not sure the shelf was necessary, but it is nice to put things down on.”

Extra chicken run

Mary also added a modular run that attaches to her Garden Ark with carriage bolts. “The run is twenty square feet, so it increases the girls’ total space from fifteen to thirty-five square feet,” she says. “Although they didn’t seem to be crowded in just the ark, I think they’ll be pretty happy with the run.”

So how was the experience overall?

“The instructions were very good,” Mary says. “There was nothing frustrating about them. And as I have said, I have practically no building experience. I didn’t even know what a corner clamp was. (Very useful, the corner clamp!) I am very happy with the way it turned out.”

Thank you, Mary, for sharing your pictures and tips. If you’ve built a coop using one of our design plans and have ideas or photos to share, leave a comment here or send us an email.


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