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Garden Loft Chicken Coop Plans


The Quail Hutch backyard quail coop plans show you how to build a secure, efficient, two-cage coop to house domesticated quail or other critters.

 The Quail Hutch DIY Coop Plans

This innovative design lets you raise your own quail for eggs or meat right at home. The Quail Hutch is sized to fit just about anywhere. Set it on patio, terrace, driveway, or deck — or integrate it into your garden.


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The Quail Hutch
Raised-Cage Quail Coop Plan eBook (PDF)




Includes imperial & metric
units (feet/inches & mm)

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Key features of The Quail Hutch quail coop design:

  • » Keep up to 16 quail for egg laying or breeding — or more if you're raising for meat
  • » Measures about 6'w x 4'd x 6.5'h (1.9 x 1.2 x 2 m), outer dimensions at roof. Each cage is about 4'w x 2' d x 1.5' (1.1 x .6 x 4.6 m): 7.4 sq ft (0.69 sq meter).
  • » Two stacked cages let you keep separate flocks
  • » Wire floor slants forward for easy egg collection
  • » Poop trays beneath each cage for quick cleanup (and rich compost!)
  • » Low-height cage tops prevent quail from injuring themselves when startled
  • » Ample ventilation and light
  • » Know your flock is safe all around from predators and pests
  • » Highly customizable
  • » Built with pride. . . by you!
  • » Scroll down for FAQs


About The Quail Hutch quail coop plans:

  • » 45 pages of illustrations, photos, and step-by-step instructions
  • » Written for beginners with simple cuts and techniques
  • » Includes full tool and material lists
  • » Features details and construction tips based on years of customer feedback
  • » Includes both imperial units (feet/inches) and metric units (millimeters)
  • » Compatible with iPad and other PDF-friendly mobile devices
  • » Download instantly for $24.95 — satisfaction guaranteed



Efficient, stacked coop design for keeping quail.

The Quail Hutch consists of two separate quail cages, one stacked above the other, each with its own run and cubby areas.

Both cages are positioned at a comfortable height for access and cleaning, and everything is within reach from the doors at the front.

The small opening between the enclosed cubby and the open-air run side of each cage is always open, or you can add a closeable door.

The hardware cloth floors keep your birds secure while allowing poop to fall through into collection trays beneath each cage.

And because the floors are angled forward, the quails' eggs roll gently into a collection trough at the front. Just lift the lid and collect the eggs!


Everything you want in a backyard quail coop. Every step explained.

We designed The Quail Hutch so that you could build it with easily accessible materials. And the plans show you how to make the most of them. Our detailed instructions spell out exactly what you need to buy or borrow and exactly what to do with it. So you get an attractive, professional-looking coop at an affordable do-it-yourself price.



Scroll down to learn even more about The Quail Hutch and to see answers to common questions about this coop design. And please email with any other questions you might have.





Satisfaction guaranteed.





Explore The Quail Hutch coop design. . .

The Quail Hutch's open design lets in light and air to help keep your flock healthy and happy. . .


There's also a more enclosed cubby space for your quail to retreat to. . .


There's room inside for a feeder, waterer, and a dust bathing tray if you'd like to add one. One of the advantages of quail is how little space they require. . .


The plans describe how to build a slanted floor. So if you're raising quail for eggs, their eggs will roll forward for easy daily collection. . .


Many jurisdictions do not prohibit quail roosters, as their crowing is much quieter than chickens'. So you can get fertilized eggs and incubate those — whether you're raising quail to provide you with eggs and/or meat.

The inside of the cages are easy to keep clean. You can add a tray for dust bathing (in either the run or cubby side) and fill it with sand or fine pine shavings. (Note, they will likely lay their eggs in the tray if you provide one. . .


Their droppings fall through the wire floor into a poop tray or compost pile/bin. Every now and the, just scrape the floor clean. We use a long-handled plastic windshield scraper. . .


The Quail Hutch is made from standard dimensional lumber/timber. You can place it on a deck, terrace, or driveway or on level pavers/pier blocks and anchor as needed. The corrugated roof protects your flock from rain, snow, heat, and UV. And because the roof it raised above the upper cage, you have a dry place to set tools and other items. . .


Make it your own.

The best thing about building your own quail coop — you can modify it however you'd like!

Paint it your favorite colors, reuse salvaged materials, add a small gutter to collect rainwater, attach a rack for tools, add vents, convert the upper cage to storage — these are just some of the ways others you can build upon the foundation of these plans. What will you create?



Satisfaction guaranteed.





Questions about The Quail Hutch:


How skilled do I need to be at building to build these quail cages?

The plans are written for beginners, so if you've at least used a circular saw and a cordless drill before, you can build this coop. That said, given the scope of the project, it would help if you or a building partner had some DIY building experience already, otherwise, you could get frustrated at points along the way, and that's no fun.

If you work patiently and safely, you should have no problem. All the cuts are simple and straight. All the joinery is explained in the plans. There is some digging involved, and some wrestling with rolls of hardware cloth, but you won't need any special skills there, just maybe that extra pair of (gloved) hands.

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How much do the materials cost to build The Quail Hutch coop?

Prices will differ by region and by store. If you get what's on The Quail Hutch materials list new at 2021 Home Depot prices, you'll pay around $520 USD pre-tax (expect this to increase a few percent each year).

Here's the approximate (2021) cost breakdown by category, in USD:

        • » Lumber: $155 
        • » Plywood/siding: $115
        • » Hardware: $115 (we do not yet offer an optional Quick Kit for this design)
        • » Roofing: $50
        • » Hardware cloth: $20
        • » Wood treatment, paint, or sealer of your choice: around $50
        • » Miscellaneous (cinder blocks, gravel, caulk, etc.): around $15
        • » Accessories (poop trays, feeder, waterers, etc.): varies

There are ways to save on — or add to — this cost. You might already have materials you can recycle from other projects or from neighbors. Also see our Buyer's Guide for links to some of the items you might need.

What will save you money on your coop for sure is having a clear idea of what you're building and not overbuying, mis-measuring, wasting time, or making costly mistakes. A solid plan will help you with that.

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How long does it take to build The Quail Hutch?

If you've read through the plan, have your materials together, and allow time for treating or sealing the wood, you could build The Quail Hutch in two to three days. That's if you stay busy and are working mostly alone. Help from a friend or two should speed things along. Of course, factor in extra time for any changes or additions you make to the design. As with any project worth doing, hopefully you'll learn some things as you go along!

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What tools will I need to build this quail coop?

We designed The Quail Hutch raised-cage coop and plan for someone with beginner skills. The cuts are all straightforward, and the tools are pretty common ones that you likely either have or can easily borrow or buy. Here's the list from the plan:

  • » circular saw (you may prefer a miter saw for crosscuts and a table saw for cutting siding, if you have access to these as well)
  • » power drill/driver, with various bits
  • » tape measurer at least 25' (7.5 m) long
  • » standard level and optional cross-check level
  • » pencils
  • » sawhorses
  • » handsaw
  • » hammer
  • » pliers (optional)
  • » combination square or speed square (optional)
  • » clamps (2) with at least a 6" (150 mm) capacity
  • » wire/metal snips that can handle 19-gauge wire or heavier
  • » shovel (optional)
  • » bow rake (optional)
  • » step ladder
  • » sanding block and sandpaper, or a power sander
  • » paintbrush
  • » dropcloth
  • » personal protective gear: work gloves, eye & ear protection, dust mask/respirator, etc.

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Satisfaction guaranteed.




What are the approximate dimensions of The Quail Hutch?

  • » Height (roof peak to ground): about 78" (2 m)
  • » Width (at base/at roof): about 54" (1.4 m) / 74" (1.9 m)
  • » Depth (at base/at roof): about 31" (0.8 m) / 48" (1.2 m)
  • » Cage total (inside): about 44"w x 24"d x 18"h (1120 x 610 x 460 mm)
    Area: 7.4 sq. ft. (0.69 sq. meters)
    • - Cubby: about 16"w x 24"d x 18"h (405 x 610 x 460 mm)
      Area: 2.7 sq. ft. (0.25 sq. meters)
    • - Run: about 28"w x 24"d x 18"h (710 x 610 x 460 mm)
      Area: 4.7 sq. ft. (0.44 sq. meters)

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How many quail will The Quail Hutch house?

The Quail Hutch will house up to 16 quail, if you're keeping them for egg laying or breeding. If you're raising them for meat, they won't be sharing the space for as long, and you can fit more.

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Is The Quail Hutch suitable for cold climates? Hot climates?

Yes. Like all birds, quail need proper ventilation and protection from the elements year round, and The Quail Hutch provides this. The cages are ventilated at the front and via the wire floor. And it's easy (and advisable) to add ventilation to the sides in hotter climates/seasons. Quail are fairly cold hardy, but make sure to do your research and find out what others in your area are doing.

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How safe are the quail from rodents and predators?

The predators and pests you have to deal with will vary, but let's stick with two for now: rodents and raccoons. Rodents will look for any hole to crawl through to get to the quails' food, and they can squeeze their bodies really small to do it. The Quail Hutch is completely enclosed with plywood and 1/2-inch (13 mm) hardware cloth. Anything wider, like poultry netting or rabbit fencing, will not keep rodents out. Anything smaller, like 1/4-inch, could be too brittle to deter predators and would not work to let droppings pass through.

Raccoons and foxes will push, pry, and even undo a latch to try to get into your coop. They don't want your quails' food; they want your quail. That's why it's important to staple the hardware cloth properly and to use the lockable latches on the access door and the egg door. You can also anchor the coop with L-brackets or an auger anchor kit.

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How about cleaning the poop trays on this coop?

Quail require a fairly high protein feed, and they poop a lot. So you want to tend to their droppings daily. What we do is start with a layer of pine shavings on the poop trays, then sprinkle more on top each day for a few days (you can do this from above the floor and let it fall through). We also sprinkle on Sweet PDZ (zeolite) to help absorb moisture and odors. When the trays are full, we dump/scrape them into a compost pile and start the process over.

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Is the coop suitable for raising baby quail chicks also? Can I use it as a brooder?

If the weather is good enough, and/or you can provide ample warmth with a heat lamp, you may be to use one or both of the cages as a brooder for quail chicks. Quail chicks are really small. They need warmth (from a heat lamp), water, food, and a solid surface over at least part of the wire floor. Also make sure they have room to get away from the heat of the bulb. That's how they regulate their temperature. If they're cold, they'll move closer. If they're too warm, they scoot farther away. You can search for "quail brooders" online to get some more ideas.

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Satisfaction guaranteed.




Can I get the lumber or plywood for this coop design pre-cut at my local hardware store, Lowes, Menard's, or Home Depot?

In my experience, the cuts a hardware store will make for you are often not the most precise. That said, you can certainly get the store to make some cuts for you so that your materials will fit in your vehicle. The plan indicates where it's safe to cut the plywood for transport.

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Can you send me printed plans instead of the eBook (PDF file)?

We only offer plans as eBooks in the PDF format. This lets us get them out quickly (and always in perfect condition), and it keep costs down for everyone. Some past customers whose computer setups were not ideal told me that they forwarded the file to a friend or relative to view and print. You'd be surprised how much help fresh eggs will get you.

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Will the plans work on my iPad or other mobile device?

Yes. Because our coop plan eBooks come as PDF files, they are fully compatible with the iPad and any other PDF-friendly mobile device. Learn more at this post.

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Is there a metric version of this quail coop plan? And do you accept international orders?

Yes to both! The Quail Hutch plan is universal, actually, so it includes both U.S./imperial and metric materials lists as well as U.S./imperial and metric measurements throughout. So whether you work in feet/inches or millimeters (or a combination of the two), this plan has you covered.

You can purchase your quail coop plans on PayPal using most international currencies and credit cards. Click here to buy and download the plans.

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We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about our chicken and quail coop designs and plans.

Just click here to send us an email.


What They're Saying About
The Quail Hutch Plans



Quail Hutch Raised Coop Plans


"Overall, I'm super happy with the design. So thank you very much for the help."
—Thierry P., Redmond, WA







The Quail Hutch Plans Review


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to beta test The Quail Hutch plans! It's exactly what I was looking for. We are so pleased with the result."
—Sierra and Sean B., Eugene, OR





Be one of the first in your town to build The Quail Hutch for your backyard flock. Then send in a picture and let us know how it went!






Satisfaction guaranteed.







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