Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder for Chickens – Large (16″ x 10″)

The Peck-It-Clean™ Veggie Feeder holds loose veggies, fruit, and greens in place so your chickens can peck ’em clean.

Your feeder comes ready with everything you need to attach and use it right away. And it ships free!



Hold on tight to your greens.

Chickens love to snack on leafy greens, fruit, and yard scraps. But if these goodies aren’t held in place, they get tossed around, dragged through the dirt, and left to compost far too soon.

The Peck-It-Clean™ Veggie Feeder holds these treats tight.

The resistance it provides lets your chickens eat more naturally and efficiently, keeping your flock active and capturing valuable nutrition for both them and their eggs.

What you get.

Your Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder arrives ready to install and use. The package includes the following:

  • One black epoxy-coated steel grid panel. Because it’s black, it blends visually into the background. Openings are each about 1-1/2″ square — small enough to hold the veggies and greens, yet big enough for your chickens to get a nice bite.
  • 8 black UV-resistant zip ties (four needed, four spares). These attach the bottom edge of the grid panel to the wire mesh/fencing of your coop or run.
  • One black, UV-resistant shock cord, cut to length. This little bungee cord attaches the top edge of the feeder to the wire mesh/fencing of the coop. Secure the cord ends together with the toggle and adjust for tension.
  • One black toggle with stainless steel spring for outdoor use.
  • Instruction sheet. Not that it’s hard to figure out, but we include basic instructions and tips so that you can be sure you’re doing it right. We also include information on how to return/exchange an item should it arrive damaged.

Mounts easily inside your coop or run.

See how easy it is to install:

  1. Attach. Fasten the bottom of the grid panel to the wire mesh/fencing on the side of your chicken coop or run. (See Q&A below for mounting to a solid wall.)
  2. Tie and tighten. Secure the top of the panel with the UV resistant cord and add tension with the toggle.
  3. Fill. . . and watch your chickens peck it clean! It will instantly be your most favorite thing in the coop (next to your chickens, of course).

Unlike with a suet cage feeder, which is quite small and requires two free hands to open and close, you can fill your Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder with one hand.

And because the Peck-It-Clean is wedge shaped rather than a basket or cage (such as hay feeders and suet cages), it keeps loose fruits and veggies held tight even as your chickens eat them down!

Chickens vs. veggies. No contest.

Watch our chickens destroy half of a large zucchini in the Veggie Feeder. The footage is sped up to 20x — one slice of fruit kept them active and engaged for 20 minutes!


We call this one “Bok Joy”. . .

Frequently Asked Questions

The Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder makes it fun to feed your chickens—

  • Leafy greens like kale, chard, lettuce, borage, sorrel, and so on. Just lay the leaves sideways and wedge them down into the feeder.

  • Vegetables and fruit like cabbage, cucumber, squash, corn on the cob, sunflower heads, melons. Stuff them in whole or slice the larger ones to fit.

  • Garden scraps and weeds like dandelion leaves, grape and pole bean leaves after harvest, and more.

  • Stale bread, baked potatoes, and more. If it fits, and they like it, try it!

We also recommend Jessi Bloom’s book Free-Range Chicken Gardens for info on plants chickens love. See our Buyer’s Guide for where to get your copy.

Both sizes work great to hold your chickens’ treats in place. Choose the larger size if you have the space for it. Choose this smaller one if you have just a few chickens or a more compact space.

If you’re ordering internationally, the smaller size will save you quite a bit on shipping. You’ll have to visit our Etsy shop to purchase a Veggie Feeder from outside the U.S.

Best place for it is right inside the door to the coop, or wherever you can most easily reach in with a handful of veggies or garden greens to fill the feeder. The exact height will depend on the height of your chickens, but aim for having the bottom edge about 12″ to 14″ from the ground for full-grown standard laying hens.

Yes. If the wall is thin enough, you can drill some small holes to run the zip ties and shock cord through. Or you could attach it with a few poultry fencing staples (not included). Or you could use a few small one-hole or two-hole straps, like those used to secure cable and conduit to a wall (also not included).

When empty, the top edge of the feeder should be about 2–4″ from the wall/wire of your coop. You don’t want to tighten it all the way against the wall. Not only would this make filling it rather tricky, but you might snap something off your chicken that she would prefer to keep.

We suggest waiting until your chickens are at least fully feathered to introduce the feeder into their coop. If you have chickens of varying heights, you can mount the feeder somewhat lower for the smaller birds.

Go for it! It’s a fairly simple device. If you have a metal grid, grill, or heavy-gauge wire mesh with openings of at least 1″, you can fashion something that functions similar to this.

Or buy one of our feeders, ready to attach and use. We’ve streamlined the process by buying all the right parts (all in matching black), packaging them up, and delivering them right to your door!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Micki Marchbank
The girls love it!

The veggie feeder is very easy to install. It's a simple. but brilliant design! The girls can't wait for it to be filled everyday!

we love it

hens eat everything inside it, and it keeps their fruit and veggies CLEAN!

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