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The Garden Ark Mobile Chicken Coop FAQs


If you are considering The Garden Ark mobile coop plans, click here to learn more about the coop design and to get answers to the most common questions.

The Garden Ark Chicken Coop Plans

The following are additional FAQs for customers who already have the plans:


The pictures in my eBook have these faint horizontal lines through them. How do I fix this?

This is an issue with some eBooks and certain PDF reader software. Using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to view and print the file usually clears it up.

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Questions about ventilation, changing seasons:

In the summer, you can put a thin piece of plywood over the hardware cloth that's above the henhouse to give shade without cutting off ventilation. Also, while the roofing panels we chose are translucent, they do block some light, including UV. You might even prefer to use the white panels to block even more direct light. No matter your climate, you want to make sure that in the summer the hens have shade from the afternoon sun.

As for winter, there are plenty of good tips available both online and in books about caring for chickens in cold climates. From what I've read and experienced with our own chickens, laying breeds are quite cold hardy — bred for New England winters. Ventilation in the coop is very important, as is fresh, unfrozen water, exercise, and extra grain for scratch. There is plenty of room in the enclosed run for them to stay active in the winter. You can slide in a sheet of plywood between the hardware cloth and the roof to limit drafts, but do not seal it off completely. You can also use a warming lamp if you keep the proper clearance.

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Questions about the roofing material:

The roofing panels indicated in the plan are called SunTuf® and are made by Palram Industries. The plan follows the manufacturer's installation guidelines, which you can download here. (This is a general download page, so scroll down for the SunTuf® installation guides. There should be a consumer version and a more detailed "pro-sumer" version.)

The panels as attached in this design are rated to support 20-30 lbs. per square foot (about 100-150 kg per square meter). As for colors, SunTuf® panels come in different shades. Avoid Clear unless you are locating the coop in full shade. Solar Gray has been great — it cuts all but 30% of the sunlight. It may look dark in the store, but outside you really see how much light comes through. White works nicely too, diffusing the light even more.

We have not noticed dirt/leaves/fungus accumulating on the gray or white roofs and have not had to wash them. If you have lots of leaf litter or little sunlight, maybe you'll see more of that.

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Can you tell me more about the non-toxic wood treatment you mention in the plan?

Timber ProUV Internal Wood StabilizerIt is called Internal Wood Stabilizer, and it's made by Timber Pro UV, a company right here in Portland, Oregon.

Click here to learn more and to get a discount code for direct orders from the company.


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We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about our chicken coop designs and plans.

Just click here to send us an email. If you do not yet have The Garden Ark plans, click here to learn more about the coop and plans and get answers to common questions.




Satisfaction guaranteed.







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