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Non-Toxic Internal Wood Stabilizer (Discount code)


Timber ProUV Internal Wood StabilizerWhen framing up your chicken coop, you want to get the longest life you can out of whatever wood you choose to build with — without exposing your chickens and soil to the potentially toxic preservatives used in pressure-treated (PT) wood.

Timber Pro UV's Internal Wood Stabilizer is a product I've used on my chicken coops and other garden projects for years, anytime I want to give wood extra protection. It's non-toxic, doesn't corrode fasteners, and is truly a pleasure to work with.

Internal Wood Stabilizer hardens and densifies wood from the inside. Simply brush or spray it on bare, untreated wood in a one-time, permanent application. It soaks in, then reacts with the wood's internal chemistry to create lasting protection against moisture, rot, and insects.



DISCOUNT CODE: Guarantee contractor pricing on your order with this code when you buy direct from Timber Pro UV

I've arranged a special discount for anyone visiting Simply mention the code below when you purchase direct from Timber Pro UV and receive contractor pricing on your order — a savings of about 8% off the retail price.


Just mention this discount code:



NOTE: This code applies to all products (IWS, non-toxic stains, etc.) purchased from Timber Pro UV either in their Portland store or shipped direct. The discount is not good with any other offer, sale, or applied discount. And it does not apply to purchases made through a dealer. See below for where to buy. . .



Where to buy Internal Wood Stabilizer

To find a dealer in your area (U.S. only), call Timber Pro UV at 888-888-6095 (Portland, OR: 503-232-1705), email them, or visit their website.

You can also call to have your product shipped directly to you. Or you can purchase it from Timber Pro UV's showroom at 2232 E. Burnside Ave. in Portland, Oregon.

The folks at Timber Pro UV are a pleasure to speak with and are happy to answer any questions specific to their products or your project.



Some questions about Internal Wood Stabilizer:


Applying Internal Wood Stabilizer to chicken coopHow much do I need to protect my chicken coop?

For The Garden Coop, you might get by with 1 gallon, but I suggest 2 gallons to be safe. Some woods are just plain thirstier than others.

For The Garden Loft, 3–4 gallons should do it.

For The Garden Ark, you could stretch a quart, or get a whole gallon to be safe.

For The Basic Coop, you'd use about a quart.

It's a great product, and I'm sure you'll find a use for any extra on other garden projects.

Beyond chicken coops, Internal Wood Stabilizer is great for:

  • » Raised vegetable beds
  • » Flower boxes
  • » Bird houses, goat sheds, dog houses
  • » Garden sheds
  • » Fence posts
  • » Decks and railings, especially near lakes and streams


What makes Internal Wood Stabilizer ideal for chicken coops?

1. It's non-toxic. Your chickens can scratch and peck on wood treated with IWS without them (or their eggs, the soil around your coop, etc.) being exposed to the metals and chemicals used in industrially pressure-treated wood.

The safety of using pressure-treated wood around animals and livestock remains a subject of debate. I'm not trying to scare anyone out of using PT or come down categorically against it. But I do see IWS as an easy, safe, effective alternative, and therefore recommend it.

2. It's perfect for the moist environment of a chicken coop. Chicken coops are exposed to moisture both inside and out, so it's a good idea to either protect your wood with a finish or use a naturally rot-resistant species like cedar or redwood. (These woods can be costly, however. See point 3.)

What's more, chicken coop designs that include an open-air run, such as The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark, require that you attach hardware cloth (heavy-duty chicken wire) directly to the frame with galvanized staples. If you only stain or paint your coop frame, that finish and the moisture protection it provides will be compromised at each staple point. Once the hardware cloth is secured, you cannot (easily, anyway) repaint or restain the frame as the finish weathers to shore up that protection.

Internal Wood Stabilizer hardens and protects wood from the inside. It is a one-time permanent application that gives you long-lasting protection. You can choose to leave it bare or paint over it before attaching your hardware cloth. (NOTE: the manufacturer does not recommend staining over IWS. See question below.)

3. It allows you to use less expensive, more readily available softwoods than cedar or redwood, while still building to last.


What kind of wood can I use it on?

Internal Wood Stabilizer is recommended for softwood species such as pine, fir, spruce, cedar, and redwood. It is not meant for plywood.


Can I paint or stain over it?

Internal Wood Stabilizer is not a finish, and it does not protect wood from UV rays. But if you wait the proper time to let it cure (at least 3 weeks — see manufacturer's site), you can paint over it for the look and sun protection you want.

The manufacturer does not recommend staining over IWS, as the IWS seals the wood too well, preventing the stain from soaking in. You may, however, do a combo, staining the outward-facing sides of the boards while using IWS on the inner faces.

If you want to stain all or select parts of your coop, Timber Pro UV's non-toxic stains happen to be among the most durable stains in the industry. The discount code applies to those products as well.


Other questions about Internal Wood Stabilizer?

With any other questions or to order, please call Timber Pro UV directly at 888-888-6095 (Portland: 503-232-1705). You can also email them or visit their website.

And don't forget to use the discount code listed above!






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