Ying’s Chicago Chicken Coop Build

Ying made a wonderful addition to her Chicago backyard using the Garden Coop full-height chicken coop plans, modifying the design to have a peaked roof. The rest of the post comes from her. . . . 

Wood frame of backyard chicken coop in Chicago

Building my backyard chicken coop

I bought your Garden Coop chicken coop plans back in the second week of June and started working on it right away. I finished in early August and wanted to share with you the fruits of my labor!

It was very daunting to see some 30+ pages after I purchased your coop plans and downloaded it, but I was determined to see it through. I thought if other women could do it, why not me?

I deviated from the plan and added my own alterations, but I used the main frame which gave me a fantastic foundation. 

Modifications to the original Garden Coop chicken coop design

Here are some of the things I changed: 

  • Shingled the roof.
  • Coops stands almost 9 feet tall, and I also shortened it to 8 ft. long and 5 ft. wide.
  • Sourced old garage window for viewing chicks. Kids love it!
  • My nesting door is to the side and pretty wide.
  • Used cedar beveled wood siding, painted with exterior weather paint.
  • Nesting boxes are fashioned from leftover OSB boards.
  • Roosting poles are 2x4s so that chickens can keep their feet warm in our winters with one high and one low and are anchored by brackets.
  • I know you offer chicken nipple waterers at your website but I made my own! Sealed it with threaded tape and a swab of clear silicone.
  • My husband helped me make the ramp, and he left the branches extra long. I thought it looked ridiculous and wanted them shortened, but the chicks love it!
  • Installed locks on my entry door and nesting box door for security.
  • Also filled my trench with a mixture of large and small river rocks I got on sale at Menard’s. When I filled up the trench, I poured the rocks in with a mixture of dirt then watered it to create a hard cement like fort.

By the way, my 7- and 8-year-olds helped me many days in the hot Chicago sun!

Chicken coop in Chicago with red shingled hen house
Modified larger egg door on a Garden Coop in Chicago

Many thanks to Ying for sharing her coop photos and notes on building with The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans. If you like what she’s created, please let her know with a note below. And if you find our posts helpful and want to receive email notifications as posts are published, subscribe to Coop Thoughts.

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