Winter’s coming! Is your chicken coop ready for the cold weather?

Extend daylight in chicken coop during the winter
Winter is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere. These 3 resources will help you get your coop and flock ready for the coming season:

  • Chicken Keeping Buyer’s Guide – This is our selection of curated links to tools, materials, accessories, books, and art that make coop building and chicken keeping easier and more fun. Specific to cold weather, the guide points you to options for adding light to the coop and heat to your chickens’ waterer (and henhouse, if needed). Have ideas to add to the list? Please let me know.
  • Winter Chicken Coop Care Series – This four-part series is our go-to reference for how to prepare your coop and flock for the winter. Please add any tips directly to the comments sections of those posts.
  • All of our “winter”-themed posts – See everything we have that’s winter-related, including a many coop profiles from customers who’ve built our designs in some fairly cold and some truly extreme environments.

Happy wintering!


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  1. We lucked into 2 4×8′ plexiglas panels that we attached to the East and South sides of the coop for sun and to give the girls a view. The other sides we wrapped with green tarps. We also put thick plywood panels over the roosting area, which we moved in accordance with the weather. It was always 20 degrees warmer inside the coop without using lights. Gave the girls a break from laying during the winter. The water might freeze overnight, but it was not a problem as we refilled it early each morning. The girls did just fine.


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