Chicken Coop Tour No. 1

I’ve been wanting to do a post showing off a bunch of the pictures I’ve received over the last several months, so in the tradition of the Carnival parades I grew up with in New Orleans, I present to you this first ride of the Krewe of Coops!

Feathers instead of flambeaux. Clucking hens instead of marching bands. Eggs instead of beads and doubloons. Just pull up a ladder, gather the kids, and shout wildly as the floats go by. . .

Coop 1: Bruce M.’s Chicago Chicken Coop from The Garden Coop Plans

“The coop was fun to build. I’m really happy with how it looks and works, and most importantly, our chickens seem quite happy.”

Bruce's Chicago Garden Coop

Coop 2: Kitty Wolf’s Southern-Fried Chicken Coop

“I got veggie garden of the month due to the coop. My garden is a mess, but the coop makes it great!”

Kitty Wolf's Southern Chicken Coop

Coop 3: Ron’s Garden Ark Mobile Chicken Coop, Liberty, Missouri

“We extended the coop by a foot and took a few other liberties. The grandkids love it!”

Garden Ark chicken coop made slightly larger

Longer Garden Ark Chicken Coop

Coop 4: John G.’s Garden Ark Portland Chicken Tractor with Raised Bed and Day Run

“I made the raised bed out of pressure treated 2x6s with a couple of ramp pieces and lined the bottom with hardware cloth. Then I filled it with dirt and rolled the ark onto it, making it secure on all sides.”

John G.'s Garden Ark with Raised Bed and Day Run

Coop 5: Richard’s Garden Coop Connected to Silkie House, Stephentown, New York

“Modified it with T-111. Connected to original Silkie House with enclosed walkway.”

Chicken coop for silkies

Walkway connecting two chicken coops

Using plywood T-111 siding for hen house

Coop 6: Karen, Harold, and Elijah’s Mobile Chicken Coop from The Garden Ark Plans, Davis, California

“The brass name plates are from those who helped build the coop or who brought wood, hardware, or feeders to ‘sponsor’ its construction. These were my birthday gifts, so I wanted to remember always and be grateful for my family and community or friends. Each of our chickens is named for a strong woman who lived during the American Revolution: Abigail (Adams), Molly (Pitcher), Penny (Penelope Barker), and Phoebe (from the novel Phoebe and the General by Judith Berry Griffin). And we have a ‘We the PEEP-le’ Constitution for chickens!”

Chicken coop of the American Revolution

Coop 7: Chuck’s Pennsylvania Chicken Coop from The Garden Coop Plans

“We shortened the coop overall to 7.5 feet by simply shortening each section. The rest of the dimensions stayed the same, so at first glance it still has the same look as your standard design. Turned out to be a pretty easy modification.”

Pennsylvania chicken coop built from Garden Coop plans

Coop 8: Peter & Anisha’s California Garden Ark Chicken Coop

“I chose the colors to match our garden and home decor. My husband took his time, and says he really enjoyed using your plans.”

California coop from Garden Ark chicken coop plans

Coop 9: Steve’s Garden Coop Walk-In Chicken Coop, Ellabell, Georgia

“If I can have such good results from your plans, anyone can do the same. My mantra was ‘follow the plans.’ One change I did make: I recessed the siding when I realized that with an eight-foot board I could cut a three-foot and a five-foot piece and have no waste.”

Chicken coop on small farm in Georgia

Georgia Chicken Coop

Coop 10: Tamera and Dan’s Garden Ark Chicken Tractor with External Nest Boxes, Olympia, Washington

“We added an outboarded nest box (thanks for the helpful tips on that!), left the skids longer in the front — about two feet — so we can lift it from there to move the coop, and added a heat light with thermostat. Thank you. . . your plans are amazing and helped us in our venture to build our first coop!”

Chicken coop in Olympia Washington

Dan wired his henhouse with a heat lamp and thermostat

External nesting boxes on The Garden Ark chicken tractor

A hearty thanks to everyone who submitted their pictures and great ideas to this inaugural ride of the Krewe of Coops. Like what they’ve done? Which ones are your personal favorites? Let us know with a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Tour No. 1”

  1. Thank you! I love the plans and cannot wait to get building. Some of my concerns are the heat. We live in Scottsdale AZ, and it’s about to get HOT! I will be running plants and vines up the west side, and there is a wall on the south side but I still worry. I’m thinking of adding a mister system for the afternoons. Any thoughts?

    • Danielle, the design itself is of course very well ventilated. Either the solar gray or white polycarbonate roof will provide good shade from overhead sun and block much of the heat as well. Vining plants (or trees, tall shrubs) are a great idea to block the harshest sun. Some other thoughts: You may want to choose lightly feathered breeds, if you haven’t already. Keep their waterers filled with cool water and located in the shade. Chickens drink more than double the amount of water when it’s hot out. And misting is a great idea (for adult birds) when it gets especially hot and dry. A fan could work too if you find that the air is too still. Hope this helps.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for putting the effort in this site. The quality of your website sure shows the hard work that you put into it. This motivated me to get those chickens in my yard just like my father has done before me.


    Jack Bennett jr.
    Ontario, Canada


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