How to view and store our chicken coop plans on your iPad

You can download, view, and store our chicken coop plans on your iPad or other mobile device.What can I say, I’ve always loved our chicken coop plans. But when I opened them recently on an iPad, well, I literally saw them in a whole new light.

The images are sharp and clear. The table of contents is clickable for easy navigation. You can zoom in and out on the diagrams and text. And you can perform all the page navigation gestures that are native to iBooks.

What’s more, you don’t need to download a special app (other than the free iBooks app) to be able to download, store, and view our coop plans — or any PDF file for that matter.

Just follow the simple instructions below, and have fun!

How to view and store your chicken coop plans eBook on your Apple mobile device

(Note: some of these details have changed and will continue to change as Apple updates its iOS. But basically, the steps are the same. Open or download the file. Then select “Open in iBooks” from whatever menu or icon gives you that option.)

    1. Make sure you have the iBooks app installed. You can get it free from the App Store.
    2. Buy your chicken coop plans from
    3. Click on the plan download link (which appears on the purchase confirmation screen and in the follow-up email you receive from us) to open the PDF file in Safari. See the image below. (If you already have the plans on your laptop or desktop, email them to your iPad, and open the PDF attachment in Mail.)Open your chicken coop plans directly from Safari or Mail.
    4. Once the PDF opens, click on the “Open in iBooks” button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. If it’s not visible, touch that area to make it appear. See image below. (Note: In a more recent iOS, I’ve seen “Open in iBooks” come up as a menu choice in Safari before the PDF is visible. In Mail, it is one of the menu options when you click the square icon with the upwards arrow.)Store your chicken coop plans in your iBooks library.
    5. Clicking “Open in iBooks” will save the coop plans PDF to your iBooks library for you to access at any time, even when you’re offline. Now you can read the plan just like any other iBook and sync it within iTunes to back it up. You can print your plans out from within iBooks as well.Access your chicken coop plans anytime in your mobile iBooks library.


Having your chicken coop plan eBook on your iPad or iPhone will definitely come in handy. Take it with you to the store. Keep it by your side while you build. Maybe you’ve got what it takes to go paperless the whole way!

By the way, pretty much every smartphone and tablet have a way to do download, store, and view PDFs. As for book readers like the Kindle and Nook, I’m not sure if they have the straight-up PDF support you’d need.

I should also stress that regardless of your device — desktop, laptop, or mobile — the plans you get from us are exactly the same. Mobile devices like the iPad simply represent another way to access, view, and interact with them.

Have you worked with our chicken coop plans on an iPad or other mobile device? Let us know in the comments what’s worked for you and if you have any tips to share.

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