10 Reasons to Start Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard This Year

Girl with blue flannel shirt holds a basket of fresh eggs up to two Rhode Island Red chickens perched inside The Garden Coop chicken coop

Make this the year you start keeping chickens! Here are ten (of many) reasons why. . .

chicks looking out brooder window#1. Baby chicks are adorable.

Nothing melts your heart like watching a two-day-old chick fall asleep. Totally worth the light daily chores you have to do to keep them alive.

#2. Chickens, and eggs, come in many colors.

You can get chickens that lay pretty colors like blues and greens and different shades of brown. Even your standard white egg will stand out in the mix. 

#3. Chickens make great pets. And/or soup.

Some chicken keepers value their chickens as pets and keep them well beyond their prime egg-laying years. Others are into the hobby for more practical reasons — eggs, compost, meat — and cull their flock when egg production decreases. 

nine hens sitting on roost in chicken coop

#4. Chicken TV

Not sure whether you know this, but chickens are little feathered dinosaur robots. Make sure you site their coop where you’ll have a good view of them.

#5. Chickens perform magic.

They eat table scraps and grass clippings and bugs then turn them into delicious, nutritious eggs. Rake your fall leaves into their run, and they’ll even turn those into gold (see #6).

#6. Chickens make gold.

Black gold, that is. Chicken poop + straw/pine shavings/leaves = the best compost for fertilizing your garden. 

Backyard chickens grazing by The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop

#7. Chickens help control pests.

If you have the space to let them range during the day, chickens will snack on the grubs and pests that might otherwise take over your garden. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of room, better to give your flock a dedicated grazing area so they don’t also eat up your entire garden. 

#8. Chickens don’t bark.

Hens do cluck during the day, especially at egg-laying time. And roosters are a no-no in most cities. But chickens are otherwise pretty quiet — in the evening, at night, when your neighbors walk by your fence. What’s more, their poop, unlike that of dogs and cats, is actually useful in the garden (see #6 again).

#9. You can name your chickens whatever you want.

Honor someone special. Borrow names from your favorite books, movies, or songs. Name them after foods. Play with puns. Then get more chickens so you can keep naming them because this is so much fun. 

#10. You get to build a beautiful chicken coop in your backyard.

Build a nice-looking chicken coop and don’t hide it. Make it a focal point of your yard. Integrate it into your gardens. Have it be an expression of what you and your family love and value. Whenever friends and neighbors stop by our house, the chickens and the chicken coops are the first things they want to see.

Rustic modern Australian chicken coop modified from The Garden Coop plans

These are just ten of like a hundred reasons you might want to keep chickens. Why do you keep (or want to keep) chickens? Let us know in the comments below. 

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