Kristopher & Family’s Spokane Chicken Coop Built Using The Garden Coop Plans

Spokane chicken coop with blue trip.

Kristopher and his family in Spokane, Washington, built a beautiful chicken coop using our Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans as a guide. I love the attention to detail, for instance, in their choice of hinges, ladder construction, dark blue trim, and neatly attached hardware cloth. They also added a nifty PVC feeder they can fill from outside the coop. 

They wrote:

Just want to say thank you for what you are doing to promote the urban backyard chicken movement and lifestyle! Our four beautiful layers (soon to be 7) needed a larger living space, so we ordered your Garden Coop plans several months ago and just put the finishing touches on yesterday.

This was truly an “all hands on deck” kind of project that our boys will always remember. Our seven-year-old was happy to collect three eggs this morning, so I’d say our gals are already feeling right at home. As advertised, your plans were FANTASTIC — simple, explicit, step-by-step, and thorough.

We made a few modifications:

  • A vinyl floor for the henhouse
  • Washed-up sticks from the Spokane River for the ladder and roosts
  • A mounted PVC gravity feeder that can be loaded with about two weeks’ worth of food from the outside of the coop (a method that seemed to work well on the tractor, notice the “chimney” in the photo below)

Brothers holding their laying hens.

Sealing the frame on the chicken coop.

Mom and sons working together to seal the outside of the henhouse.

PVC gravity feeder used with the Garden Coop.

Feeding trough of the PVC gravity feeder on the Garden Coop.

The Garden Coop and a mobile chicken tractor with two hens.

Many thanks to Kristopher and his family for the kind words and for sharing their handiwork with the rest of us. If you like what they’ve done or have any tips or questions about modifying The Garden Coop design, leave a reply in the comments below or email us directly. And if you find our posts helpful and want to receive email notifications as posts are published, subscribe to Coop Thoughts.

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