Pickin’ Chicken Breed Selector app for iOS

Choose the ideal chicken breeds right from your iPhoneNote: The contest we ran with this post ended on April 2, 2011. Winning entries are noted below.

Think keeping backyard chickens is a little too old school? Here’s something that could change your mind.

The Pickin’ Chicken app for iOS lets you research and select breeds from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (Apple mobile devices only). Developed by Funny Farm Industries and released in partnership with Mother Earth News, it’s a high-tech complement to a distinctly low-tech hobby.

It not only looks really cool (then again, I think everything in iOS looks cool), it’s also got some cool stuff in it.

A few key features:

  • A guide to 75+ chicken breeds and 100 varieties with more than 250 photos. You can search for the best breed for your situation based on results from 14 searchable characteristics.
  • Information from the American Livestock Breed Conservancy on rare, heritage, and endangered breeds
  • Additional resources for chicken care

Here are a couple of screenshots. First is of the “eggspert” search feature that lets you pick directly from a number of key variables. You can also opt to go through a guided series of questions instead.

The next screenshot gives you an idea of all the detailed information you get on the breeds you select.

It’s great to have all this at your fingertips. Often when we’ve gone to select chicks from the store, either the breeds we wanted weren’t in or other interesting breeds were. We buy from experts who know their breeds, but to have tailored recommendations in your back pocket will help you make the best call on the spot.

Learn more and get the app here.

Winners of the Pickin’ Chicken app contest

We drew three winners at random from the comments posted below (as of April 2, 2011) and sent each of them a free download code for the app. Congratulations to Georgianne, Cathy, and Vanessa! And thanks to everyone who posted for a chance to win.

What are your favorite chicken breeds? Share them with us in a reply to the post. Or if you don’t have favorites yet (that’s what the app’s for, right?), what are your reasons for keeping chickens?


23 thoughts on “Pickin’ Chicken Breed Selector app for iOS”

  1. Congratulations to our app winners: Georgianne, Cathy Kendall, and Vanessa. You each should have received an email with your code, so check for that (email info@thegardencoop.com if it doesn’t come through). Thanks to everyone who posted for a chance to win the app!

  2. Just starting our research on what chicks to get, and just got an iphone, so this would be perfect! Just found you here too!

  3. I already posted a comment but did not say why I would like this app (I want to make sure my post counted). I am starting a backyard chicken coop at the end of April, and this app would help me when I am out at the grange selecting my chicks!

  4. Just started getting eggs from our chickens. I’d love to have more chickens and this app could help me pick ’em!

  5. Cochins…no Wyandottes. No wait, Silkies. I mean Orpingtons…and Brahmas…and Black Coppe Marans…

    Well, it would be easier to say which I don’t like! None!

  6. Just started the process of building the garden ark last weekend. Almost finished all of the cutting. Our daughters are so excited about going to the hatchery to pick up their chicks tomorrow. They would LOVE this app (and as their mother I would much prefer them on this app then on angry birds!) They have been reading as much as they can about chickens. Super excited.

  7. WOW! What a great idea. I don’t have an “I” anything. Wish it was available on the web.
    Also, just reading some of these comments and reviews have given me a lot of info,
    Thanks everyone!

  8. Still waiting for our Australorps (who may in fact be Jersey Giants) to lay their first eggs. We’ve gotten so much joy watching their personalities develop and how attached they are to each other and us. Fun app!

  9. So far, I love my Silkies. They are easily tamed and will come right up to me and ask to be picked up and carried around! Having eggs that I know come from free range and happy birds is a joy.

    I was able to view the app on a friend’s iPhone. Will you be adding more breed such as the Nankin?


  10. Have to like the Australop (and not just cos I am from Australia). Great egg layers, cold hardy, friendly and not bad meat bird either. What more could you want?

  11. This app is perfect for the auction and county fair! Now I’ll be able to research hens I see to figure out if they’re right for my farm. TY!

  12. We’ve only just gotten our first Ameraucanas, but are planning to add different breeds to give us a variety of different colored eggs!


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