New hanging bucket poultry nipple waterer for chickens

Several months ago on the advice of a customer, I decided to make a DIY nipple waterer for our backyard chickens. Our birds were just chicks at the time, and keeping them supplied with fresh, clean water with their jar-and-saucer waterer was a frequent chore.

So I fashioned a simple waterer from a used plastic jug and a poultry nipple I bought online. The chicks took right to it, and the difference was remarkable.

No more spilled water. No more poopy water. No more worrying that their water had run dry.

When the flock graduated to the coop, their makeshift waterer went with them, and I started working on a more permanent solution for their larger space.

Here’s the nipple waterer I came up with — which I now also make to sell — and some videos showing you what you get and how it works.

An ideal chicken waterer for any chicken coop

While these chicken drinkers are meant for use in any chicken coop, tractor, or run, I made sure they’d fit perfectly in our DIY chicken coop designs:

  • The 3.5-gallon waterer is ideal for The Garden Coop or The Garden Loft. You can hang it from the henhouse support with a pair of ceiling hooks.
  • The 1-gallon waterer is great for The Garden Ark or The Basic Coop. In the ark, you can hang it from the wall between the henhouse and run (on the outer face of that wall for the best clearance) on a pair of wall-mount hooks. In The Basic Coop, you can hang it inside on the left wall, between the front door and the nest box.

To be clear, these are fully assembled waterers, not kits. You get both kinds of hooks when you order.

Of course, building a nipple waterer from scratch or from a kit is a project you could do on your own, and there are tutorials online that can guide you through it. But if you’d rather not fool with it, we now have a ready-to-use option for you.

Click here for more pictures, video, and details, and to order a poultry nipple waterer for your backyard chickens.

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