Introducing The Quail Hutch raised-cage backyard quail coop plans

Plans for our latest backyard coop design — a quail coop, actually — are now available! We call it The Quail Hutch, and it’s our first design meant specifically for poultry other than chickens. It offers the same security and modern style of our other designs, yet it’s uniquely suited to housing birds. . . of a different feather. Take a look:

The Quail Hutch two-tier raised backyard quail coop design

Why keep quail?

Besides being really cute, quail are prolific egg layers that don’t require much space. They’re also much quieter than chickens, so you can keep roosters (even in the city), hatch your own chicks, and sustain a flock for both eggs and meat.

Four speckled quail stand in a secure backyard quail pen with a wire floor

We’ve been keeping quail for a couple years now. It’s been a lot of fun and learning, and they’ve conferred on us more little eggs than we can keep up with — which is not a problem at all, since our friends and neighbors love them too.

Quail eggs roll forward into a collection trough at the front of cage

About our new quail coop design plans

You can crack into all the details about The Quail Hutch raised-cage quail coop design and plans here. I want to mention though that I started this project after hearing from customers who were looking for a design specific to quail. In fact, I worked closely with two of them to research, prototype, and field-test this final design. I could not (and honestly, would not) have taken this on without them.

I really, really appreciate feedback like that. So if you like the design, please share a link or a photo on social media or your favorite poultry forum so that others can discover it too. It might be just what they’re looking for. Or who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to start raising quail. 🙂

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