Morgan’s Garden Ark Portable Chicken Coop, Portland, Oregon

Abby and one of her pet chickens

I got this note from a friend the other day:

John, just wanted to say thanks for The Garden Ark chicken coop plans. I finally have it done and four hens happily residing. The plans were great. I made a few modifications though:

  1. I used poultry fencing instead of hardware cloth, for no good reason other than I’m a cheap bastard and I like little tiny cuts on my hands.
  2. Instead of clean, straight cuts made with a good saw, I decided to go with a more organic-wavy-line cutting style made with a jigsaw. I think I’m in a Frank Gehry phase.
  3. Instead of “reading all the text,” I often proceeded based on the photos and blind, baseless confidence in my abilities to intuit what you intended. Doors may be in the wrong place, extra 2x2s may not have been used, mistakes may have been made.

All in all, very happy. Getting three eggs a day. –Morgan


3 thoughts on “Morgan’s Garden Ark Portable Chicken Coop, Portland, Oregon”

  1. Re: Arabella

    I had two friends help me build mine, one who is a carpenter and the other who is a structural engineer. #3 was a huge problem with the carpenter and engineer too! They would just assume they knew how things should go together without actually reading the directions. Miraculously, we’re still all friends, hehehe.

  2. See, I plan on making my engineer husband build me my Garden Coop, since my approach would be much like yours. . . I too being an artistic type.


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