Blair’s Mobile Chicken Coop Built Using The Garden Ark Plans (Metric Version), Melbourne, Australia

Blair used The Garden Ark chicken coop plans to build a backyard home for his chooks.

As far as I know, Blair was the first to use our plans to build a Garden Ark in Australia. I’m very grateful to him, actually, for staying in touch throughout the process, advising me on materials available in Australia, and helping lay the groundwork for the new metric version of that coop plan.

Blair’s Garden Ark turned out beautifully. Here’s part of the note he sent us:

It has not been difficult at all to assemble given your instructions, which is great. I have yet to add wheels and some white trim to make it more barn-like (my wife is from Ohio, so it seemed a good touch to add a little of that part of the world to our backyard). The chickens are already in, and are loving it. Mind you, the warm weather and abundant grass and insects appear to be helping!

Metric chicken coop plans

To minimize converting from imperial to metric units, Blair found an imperial (feet/inches) tape measurer and used that to build his chicken tractor. Brilliant solution. But while he says he enjoys working in feet/inches, I think most people who live in metric would prefer to work in metric. So we now also offer fully metric versions of all our chicken coop plans.

Thanks to Blair for his feedback and picture. Where in the world are you keeping backyard chickens? Leave a comment below.


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