Michele’s Chicken Coop from The Garden Coop Plans, Massachusetts

Michele sent a few pictures of her backyard chicken coop in Massachusetts, a really nice example of what you can build straight from The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans. Here’s what she wrote. . .

Hardware cloth wraps around the run on The Garden Coop chicken coop.For the most part, I stuck to your plans. The only changes I made were to add some two-by-fours in the back and side so that I didn’t have to do as much sewing of hardware cloth (for some reason that was one thing that drove me a little bonkers).

I also attached the front of the nesting boxes — the long rectangular piece — with a hinge, to make it theoretically easier to clean. And I only used screws for the framing. I did not have good luck with nails. . . not very forgiving and bent a couple times.

Thanks again for a wonderful design. While I don’t recommend doing this project completely solo, if a 5’3″ mother of a 4- and 6-year-old can do it, anyone can. My kids are having a ball showing off the coop. My 4-year-old wants to camp in it!

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    • Hi Carrie. I used regular old home depot lumber with the exception of some pine for the narrow slats in the roof (since that was the only option for this size) and I splurged on cedar boards for the enclosed box. The cedar is beautiful and smells nice. I pre-drilled the holes for the screws to keep it looking nice.


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