Chicken Coop Tour No. 10: Six Garden Coops from Maryland and Virginia

Large walk in chicken coop with external nest box
In this tenth Krewe of Coops virtual chicken coop tour, we take a trip to Maryland and Virginia to showcase six examples of coops built using The Garden Coop backyard chicken coop plans.

Coop 1: Christine and Alan’s Poultry Palace, Aberdeen, Maryland

“We modified The Garden Coop design to allow for the entire henhouse wall to open up toward the ceiling. Two pieces of wood attached to the two-by-four on top in the run swing around to hold the door open as long as needed during cleanout.”

Large henhouse door hinged at the top

Latch to hold henhouse door on The Garden Coop chicken coop

“We used a dark protective stain on the chicken run. For the henhouse we splurged on cedar tongue-and-groove which will silver beautifully with weathering (we will add the insulations in the fall when it gets cold). The floor (leftover vinyl tiles from another project) is not only stylish, but also very easy to clean. An old kitchen window and the external nesting boxes completed our Poultry Palace. Thanks for a great design!”

Backyard chicken coop from The Garden Coop plans

UPDATE: In the years since first building their backyard coop, Christine and Alan added a perimeter fence to create an outer run. Then after some issues with predators (including hawks), they enclosed that run on all sides and above with fencing that surrounds the coop as well. Here’s their Poulet Chalet today. . .


Coop 2: Danessa and Jonathan’s Garden Coop with Hen-Shaped Window, Midlothian, Virginia

“My husband built this coop for me after we couldn’t find anything like it prebuilt. It’s my favorite Christmas present ever!”

Chicken coop with hen shaped window

“He bought the plans and hardware kit and went from there. He had never built anything like this before and completed it with (intermittent) help from our six children.”

Chicken shaped window on coop

“We added the external nesting boxes and a large window. We love to watch ‘chicken TV!’ The plans were easy to follow and the tips were especially helpful. Thank you so much!”

Inside view of chicken coop henhouse

Coop 3: Keith’s “La Cage aux Fowls” Garden Coop with Garden Run Extension, Rockville, Maryland

“Thanks for the coop plans!”

Walk in chicken coop with added secure run

Coop 4: David S.’s Hidden Forest Chicken Coop, Chevy Chase, Maryland

“The Garden Coop has done a great job of protecting my chickens from predators and the elements. Here are my build notes, and here is an addition I made for a heated watering system.”

DIY chicken coop from plans

Camouflaged chicken coop

Happy chickens in large backyard coop

Coop 5: Jeremy and Sarah’s Taller Garden Coop, Westminster, Maryland

“Thanks for the plans!”

Large walk-in chicken house from plans

Coop 6: Peter’s Extended Garden Coop, Charlottesville, Virginia

“The coop is super solid and very easy to take care of for both us and the kids!”

Chicken coop with rain barrel

Chicken coop from plans

Chickens free ranging by Garden Coop

Chicken coop in beautiful Virginia setting

Thanks to all who shared their photos and comments for this tenth ride of the Krewe of Coops. Like what they’ve built? Let us and them know with a comment below.

You can learn more and buy/download The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans here. See more Krewe of Coops posts here, or browse all of our Make It Your Own coop profiles. And find all of our coop design plans, hardware kits, and coop accessories at


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