Karen’s Maine Chicken Coop from The Garden Ark Plans

The whole family got involved in the building of Karen's mobile chicken tractor.

Karen and her family in Maine used our chicken coop plans to put together this Garden Ark for their backyard flock. She made a few modifications to suit her needs — using wider lumber for the skids, adding handles, and securing the bottom for complete predator protection. 

We live in Maine on the edge of a wooded area with foxes, so we added green vinyl-coated garden fencing (like rabbit fencing) to the bottom of the run.

The deeper skids give me options for using bedding in there as needed. The handles are a huge help with moving it — it is substantial and sturdy.

It took us some time trying to get it built with two young kids to care for, but our oldest who is 6 was excited to see pictures of your son helping with the construction. They both wanted to help in whatever ways they could.

Karen's family worked together to build their own backyard chicken coop using The Garden Ark plans.

The plans were very detailed and straightforward to follow. And I’m a veterinarian, so I know how important the ventilation part is. I love how The Garden Ark accomplishes that. Thanks again for the great design!

White roof adds a softer glow to this Maine chicken coop.

Oh. . . and the poultry nipple waterer (1-gallon size) fits perfectly in the ark! I was really happy to be done with scrubbing out the waterer we had in the brooder box.

Many thanks to Karen and her family for sharing their feedback and photos. If you like what they’ve done, please let them know with a comment below!


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