Introducing The Basic Coop Stand-Alone Henhouse Plans

Our latest coop design is ready! It’s called The Basic Coop, and chicken coop plans and hardware kits are now available. Take a look. . .

The Basic Coop Chicken Coop Plans

“It’s affordadurable!

Okay, so that’s not quite as catchy as “the quicker-picker-upper,” but it captures what we love most about the The Basic Coop — it’s affordable, durable, and simply adorable.

You can build this beauty for about $200. That’s a great price, better than what you’d pay for even the cheapest chicken coop kit at Costco. And with a pre-packaged hardware kit (U.S. only), you can save even more.

But price is only part of it. You get the fun and reward of building a coop that will last. And you can paint and decorate it however you want, so no two need ever look the same.

Look inside The Basic Coop chicken coop plans

Read more about The Basic Coop stand-alone chicken coop here.

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