Reed’s Idaho Chicken Coop

Modified and expanded Garden Coop hen house and secure run.

Reed in Idaho built this beautifully landscaped chicken coop using our Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans with modifications to better suit his needs and to match existing buildings on his property. What a great addition to what looks like an already fantastic farm! 

Here are a couple photos of my Garden Coop chicken coop with many modifications. As you will see, I enlarged just about everything, added a hip roof, and several access doors. The outside right door accesses two interior rollout nest boxes, making it easy to collect eggs and keeping the eggs away from the chickens. The two “open” doors are covered with hardware cloth and are used for summertime cross-ventilation and are kept closed in the winter. I reversed the roof because of prevailing winds. It matches my barn and greenhouse in the background in style and roof.  Your chicken coop plans were a great starting point.

Chicken coop in Idaho built to match existing buildings.

Many thanks to Reed for sharing his coop photos and notes. If you like what he’s done or find his photos helpful in building your own backyard chicken coop, please let him and us know with a comment below.

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