Chicken Coop Tour No. 7: Five Examples Built Using The Garden Loft Large Walk-In Chicken Coop Plans

Spacious chicken coop from blueprints
In this seventh installment of the Krewe of Coops, I’m excited to show off five examples of our latest and largest coop design, The Garden Loft Large Walk-in Chicken Coop. . .

Coop 1: Danny’s Garden Loft, Knoxville, Tennessee

“I slowly built The Garden Loft coop over about four months and our chickens are loving it. You have every detail laid out so well, even I was able to build this thing! I was impressed by the foresight in the plans every step of the way.”

Danny's Garden Loft chicken coop from instructions

“We just changed a few things for our purposes. Since we started with only five young pullets, we have just one roost bar inside and out. I made a makeshift ladder roost to go inside with the higher roost bar. I also added a pop door for the chickens on the right side near the front.”

Tennessee chicken coop from plans

Coop 2: Elizabeth’s “Flegg Fortress” Chicken Coop, Shirley, Massachusetts

“Thanks for a great plan and hardware kit! It was easy to follow and largely possible to do solo, though I roped my husband into helping when he was available, especially for setting the walls and for tedious things like hammering in the hardware cloth staples. If I ever build an addition or another coop, I will invest in a power tool for that! 😉 I started the first weekend of April and finished the first weekend of May, and I added a split flange for a garden hose that I threaded through the wall for a chicken fountain.”

Massachusetts Chicken Coop from Plans

Coop 3: Julie and Steve’s Summer Vacation, Wrentham, Massachusetts

“We took a week off to build our Garden Loft, and it took that plus about six weekends to complete it due to weather not cooperating. We considered this our summer vacation — money well spent. I am truly amazed by the level of work you put into creating these plans and kit. We feel pretty comfortable after building this that we could take on most projects!”

Large walk-in chicken coop from DIY plans

Coop 4: Scott and Courtney’s Backyard Garden Loft, Washington State

“We and the chickens love it!”

Washington State chicken coop from plans

Scott and Courtney's Garden Loft chicken coop

Coop 5: Deanna’s DIY Chicken Coop from The Garden Loft Plans, Waitsfield, Vermont

“What a fun project! I’ve never built anything other than IKEA furniture and baby toys/cribs, so this was a little intimidating, but your plans were so well written and thought out that I didn’t ever feel something wouldn’t get done.”

Deanna built this large chicken coop by herself

“I’m a 4’11” mom of five, so if I can do this, anyone can! Thank you for your kit as well, that made the process so much faster.”

Large chicken coop built by a beginner

Nest boxes for chickens on Garden Loft chicken coop design

This coop is large enough to visit with your chickens

Large Vermont chicken coop from plans

A big thanks to all who shared their pictures and ideas to this seventh ride of the Krewe of Coops. Like what they’ve built? Have a personal favorite? Let us know with a comment below.

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If you’re interested in building The Garden Loft large walk-in chicken coop design, the plans are available here. Or see all our coop designs, hardware kits, and supplies at

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Tour No. 7: Five Examples Built Using The Garden Loft Large Walk-In Chicken Coop Plans”

    • Tara, you can extend the run space with The Garden Run plans (see our other plans). As for enlarging this design, it might be kinda tricky, since several of the beams and supports call for the max length boards you’ll find at a big box store.

      The one example I have to share of an expanded Loft came from Elizabeth, actually, whose coop is featured above. She expanded her Garden Loft by building a second one and connecting the two. See Coop #4 here:


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