Christey’s Illinois Garden Coop Chicken Coop with Eglu Cube Henhouse

Modified chicken coop from Garden Coop plans with Eglu Cube henhouse and run added to each side.

Christey built this modified version of The Garden Coop walk-in coop and run just outside of Chicago, using her existing Eglu chicken coop as the henhouse and adding the Eglu run to the other side as additional space for her hens. She writes:

Thanks so much for the great plans! We used a modified version of The Garden Coop chicken coop plans to make a walk-in run to go with our Omlet Eglu Cube. The two have made an excellent combination for us and our chickens. We love the ease of cleaning the Eglu Cube, and we love having the large run for our chickens.

We extended the run to 12′ since we had the space and didn’t have to cut the lumber. Recently, we added the run that came with the Eglu Cube for a little extra room.

We followed the advice from one of your posts and made the frames for the wire ceiling panels. I also purchased some shade fabric to place over the run, which worked out great to give the chickens some needed shade in the summer. The only other thing I think we changed was using lath screws in addition to the poultry staples.

This was really the first thing we’ve built — and we did get some help from a handy brother-in-law — but your lists and dimensions proved to be invaluable. Though the worst part, by far, was installing the hardware cloth. 🙂

Thanks again!

I love the rock-edged flower gardens and how she carried the lime-green color from the Eglu over into other elements of the coop. Take a look at some other views of how she brought these two coop designs together. . .

More photos of Christey’s Garden Coop/Eglu Cube hybrid chicken coop

Eglu run added to larger chicken coop run.

Shade added during Summer under roofing panels of the Garden Coop chicken run.

Inside view of large chicken run added to Eglu Cube henhouse.

Thanks to Christey for sharing her notes and pictures. Have you combined other coops or structures in with your chicken coop? If so, let us know what you did in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Christey’s Illinois Garden Coop Chicken Coop with Eglu Cube Henhouse”

  1. This is fantastic, and I’d like to build something similar. Is there anything Christey used to securely fasten the Eglu coop to the run? Thank you!

    • Lynn, I’ve looked very closely at the photos and I can’t see any attachment between the two. The Eglu is on a base with wheels, so she might have just placed them together and left them unattached so she could wheel back the Eglu for cleaning. I would think some small corner braces would do the trick. Or if the Eglu is attached securely to its base, you could attach the base to The Garden Coop frame.


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