Birds of a feather. . . get together!

There’s a good post at with resources for finding others in your area who are keeping chickens.

This was a necessity for us when we were just starting out. We’d read all the books. My wife even had experience with chickens on a farm as a kid. But until we met neighbors who were keeping chickens and found a group of locals online to turn to for answers, we stayed on the side of the pool.

Of course, having help and advice really comes in handy when you’re building your own coop. Whether you use plans or create your own design, being linked in can help you find deals on materials, get a helping hand or a work trade, and learn how to prepare your coop for your climate. 

As with most things, the whole endeavor is just so much more fun when you’re doing it with others. So if you feel like you’re the only one in your area keeping chickens or wanting to keep chickens, put out some feelers. I bet you’ll find plenty of company.


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