Marc’s California Chicken Coop Built Using The Garden Coop Plans

California chicken coop with tongue and groove siding.

Marc in Los Altos, California, built this great-looking chicken coop using The Garden Coop walk-in coop plans. He added some nice touches and sent a lot of pictures to illustrate what he’s built. The rest of the post comes from him. . . .

Our Garden Coop chicken coop build

Here are some pictures of our coop. Things to note:

  • I narrowed the door width to 2-1/2 feet so the coop would fit within our space.
  • I tacked the hardware cloth on the inside of the coop rather than outside. My wife liked the look better. The only downside is that it’s a bit tricky to attach roosting dowels on the inside.
  • For the siding of the hen house I used leftover tongue & groove boards that we had used on our house.
  • We purchased the windows from The mullions are removable and I plan to remove them from the inside windows.
  • On the inside I added big double doors. This really helps for cleaning and I suspect when the weather gets warmer we’ll leave them open.
  • You can’t see it in the picture but we placed linoleum on the floor of the henhouse as a liner.
  • You’ll notice I added a slight lip to the “escape hatch” in the floor to prevent the shavings from falling through.
  • I still need to add some roosting bars in the henhouse.
  • The ramp is hinged so we can pull the drawstring to raise it. This doubles as a door if we want to keep the hens in the henhouse.
  • We took your advice by using real branches for the ramp. Nice touch!
  • The look of the henhouse in style and color actually matches that of our garage which is located about 20 feet away (it’s not in the picture).
  • We noticed that when it rains the water drops off the back and splashes into the coop. I don’t have a photo yet but I recently cut a 2″ diameter PVC pipe down the middle and I’m making a simple gutter out of it. Works great!

That about covers it. Thanks again for the great plans. My wife LOVES the coop, and our friends are both impressed and envious. I really enjoyed building it, and it has inspired me to build more things.

More photos of Marc’s Garden Coop chicken coop

Chicken ramp leading up through the floor of the henhouse.

4-pane henhouse windows.

Raised lip around the henhouse ladder entrance.

Drawstring to retract chicken ramp.

Double nesting boxes in the henhouse.

Outside egg door to nesting boxes in the henhouse.

Double doors on the henhouse make cleaning out easier.

Chicken ramp made with branches.

Inside view of chicken run in the Garden Coop.

4-pane window added to the front of the henhouse.

Thanks to Marc for sharing his coop pictures and notes! If you like what he’s done, please let him know with a comment below.


9 thoughts on “Marc’s California Chicken Coop Built Using The Garden Coop Plans”

  1. Hi! Love your coop! We have a similar design (coop above, run underneath)…and same ramp under the coop. We have three 3 month old chickens and have only had them for a week and a half. They do not like to go down the ramp, have only seen 1 bird do it one time! They go up the ramp into the coop no problem. Did you have any troubles with this? Or tips? Thanks so much!

    • Darci, a few ideas: Make sure the food and water is in the lower part of the coop, so they have to go down the ramp to get it. Lure them down by placing a trail of food on the ladder. If there’s an alpha, set her halfway down the ladder, and lure her down the rest of the way — once she’s got it, the others will follow suit. Attach hardware cloth to the ramp for a less slick surface and/or increase the number of rungs. Open the cleanout door (if it opens into the run) so they can bypass the ladder by just jumping/flying down. Hope this helps!

  2. I am interested in your gutter. I was thinking of doing the same thing – slicing a tube and fitting it over the edge of the roofing. I was not sure how to attach it, though. How did you do it?

  3. I notice you have a bale of wheat straw inside the coop. I’m wondering if the chicks help spread the straw from the bale or do you do that for them. I’ve just used pine flake, but the wheat straw sounds tempting.

  4. I think you should feature MY Garden Coop sometime ;-] It is made of salvaged materials, including 80-year old wood, drawing boards from an art class that last met in 1964, hardware from a 100 year-old fishing cabin in Maine, stained glass and original art commissioned from an 8 year old local artist!

  5. Your coop looks great! I only have one comment and that was the decision to narrow the door going into the coop. I depend on the wider width so that the wheel barrow fits through the door easily. This allows me to brush out the soiled shavings in the chicken house into the wheel barrow to transfer to the compost pile.


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