Dale’s Decked Out Oregon Chicken Coop

Garden Coop with henhouse walls to the ground.

Dale sent us pictures of his amazing garden and chicken coop he built using The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans. Among many other additions, he built the henhouse walls to the ground on three sides, attached attractive outboard nesting boxes, and added rectangular windows to the henhouse. The rest of the post is from Dale. . . 

My Garden Coop chicken coop build

It’s a great coop, and I have a couple of friends that got your plans too. Over the years I have made improvements based on specific needs such as the gravity-fed auto water system I plumbed in for when I’m gone or busy, electricity for lighting and to scare away raccoons, and the wall heater for the few days when it’s below freezing.

More recently, I added a nice chicken run to match the coop, have made improvements on my automatic waterer, and am working on converting from electric to solar. I am getting more into raising chickens from eggs and giving away some of my chickens every year to schools. Seems that is a trend in rural areas.

I also did my own chicken coop hangout video spoofing a liquor commercial

External nesting boxes and bench. . .

Outboard nesting boxes on henhouse of all-in-one chicken coop

Automatic waterer. The first picture is the original design, then Dale improved it by adding insulation, a plywood cover to keep chickens from roosting on the pipe and soiling the water, and decorative flagstones in the bottom instead of pebbles.

Automatic waterer in chicken coop

Automatic waterer in chicken coop with insulation and cover

Decorative flagstones added to base of automatic waterer in chicken coop

Heat lamp and lights in the henhouse. . .

Heater added to henhouse for below freezing nights in the Winter

Electricity added to coop for lights and heat

Additional run added to the chicken coop. . .

Large run added to chicken coop

Plants and landscaping around the coop. . .

Stone path added to walk-in door of chicken coop

What a great chicken coop and garden! Thanks to Dale for sharing his photos and notes. If you like what he’s done, please let him know with a comment below.


16 thoughts on “Dale’s Decked Out Oregon Chicken Coop”

  1. Wondering if you have instructions on how to make your duck waterer. What the parts are called and such.

    Thanks in advance


  2. I purchased one and we could not get it to work would never fill up then I purchase a second one and it was filling up and never stopped and all of a sudden it just stopped filling . One was one day old and the other was one week old

  3. I’m sorry to bother. But I absolutely love your watering system but can’t seem to find the accessories I require at Home Depot or Lowe’s and my local feed store had no clue of what I was talking about. Please help. I’m in Texas USA

  4. A fountain waterer, do you know what it would be called in Australia or can we buy through you?
    we appreciate if you could email us the information on how to buy one?
    It looks a good system.
    Regards Owen

  5. I am also interested in learning what the appropriate attachment is called for the bottom of the pipes on the automatic waterer.

    Your wood looks really nice on the siding. Why did you decide to enclose it on 3 sides?




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