VIDEO: Clog-free way to keep debris out of your rain barrel

I changed out our rain barrel filter today and shot this quick video to show how we keep leaves and roof debris from entering our barrels.

Simply wrap a nylon stocking over the funnel between your downspout or diverter and your barrel. Insert the closed end of the stocking into the barrel and let it hang down. Debris will collect at the end, but won’t impede the flow of water (at least not for a while), since the stocking stretches and remains permeable above the debris.


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Clog-free way to keep debris out of your rain barrel”

  1. I’ve been using this method of filter on my washing water as it fills the barrel with grey water. This is to prevent the submersible pump from clogging. When it’s got a fair bit of fluff in it, I tie the end in a knot and tie cut it off creating a new shorter filter.

    • Right on. I first heard about using a stocking as a filter as a solution for a washing machine drain hose. We were living in a rental and the landlord had the washer’s drain hose lead directly into a wash basin. So the basin drain would clog every month or so from lint and gunk from the washer. Tying a leg of nylon hose to the end solved the problem. I like the idea of periodically cutting off the stocking at the end and tying a new knot as a quick way of cleaning it. Thanks!


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