Chicken TV

The neighbors’ new cat roams into our yard. She’s done this a couple times already as she’s been getting to know her surroundings. Our chickens are locked safe in their yard, well protected from much more vicious predators than this kitten. Yet while I know that, they don’t. Kitty edges closer. The top roost fills up, necks extended high in alert. Clucking increases. The hens shift and scoot then. . . pounce! All pluck breaks loose.

Chicken TV isn’t always this exciting, but even at its most ordinary, it is good fun. We positioned our coop so that we could see inside the hen yard from our kitchen table, and I’d make the same suggestion to anyone building a new coop. If you have a window you like to look out of or a spot in your yard where you usually hang out, put the most visible part of the coop or hen yard where you can see it. And I’ve been told that if you paint the wire mesh a dark color, it’s like upgrading to high-def.

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