Nick’s Iowa Garden Ark Moveable Chicken Coop with External Nesting Boxes

Blue and white chicken tractor with outboard nesting boxes

Nick shared pictures of his blue and white chicken tractor that he built using The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans. The outboard nesting boxes look great, and the hinged window is a nice touch. Here are his comments. . . 

Thought I would share a couple pics of my finished Garden Ark chicken coop. Took me a little over a month to build, as I worked on it kind of slowly at first, then picked up speed the last few weeks. Used the wood stabilizer as suggested and will see how that holds up.

Also opted to add the external nesting boxes. Had to modify the design a bit, but was pretty happy with how it turned out. Had some leftover shingles from a house remodeling job a few years ago, so added them on the roof of the nest box.

Since I didn’t need the egg door I fashioned a window out of scrap wood and a piece of plastic.

As long as I paid attention to the plans, I thought things came together very nicely and I am not all that experienced at woodworking. I plan to try and add a pulley system that will allow us to open and close the front coop door from the outside. Our 3 hens will arrive in a week or two and everything should be set by then.

Thanks again for well thought-out plans and design.

Mobile chicken coop with hinged window and external nesting boxes

Many thanks to Nick for sharing his feedback and photos. If you like what he’s done, please let him know with a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Nick’s Iowa Garden Ark Moveable Chicken Coop with External Nesting Boxes”

  1. Now into its second winter the coop is holding up marvelously and the girls love it! Winters can be harsh here so I wrap the exposed, wire walls in plastic to keep the wind out. Put a piece of plywood over the top of the house itself to keep the blowing snow from drifting in, but keep the remainder of the top I leave open. It makes for a pretty cozy winter home. Wood treatment seems to be holding up well too, and haven’t had any issues at all with the coop since I built it.
    Thanks again!

  2. Nick’s imaginative projects are often amazing — nice to know a “real scientist” with talent in creative, practical challenges. Kudos to a really nice, unpretentious guy.


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