Chicken word soup: Is it coup, coupe, or coop?

Chicken Coupe, Coupe, or Coop?I’ve heard chickens coo and seen them cope. I’ve even seen chicken cops. But when it comes to the structure in which chickens live, is it a chicken coup, coupe, or coop?

Well, it’s not a chicken coup unless you 1) built or got it through “a notable or successful stroke or move” or 2) ousted a leader from power and took it from him/her. Though I think if you pulled off the second, that would automatically qualify as the first too.

And it’s not a chicken coupe unless you’re talking about a two-door car. Which can happen. As can a chicken sedan.

So. . . by the process of elimination—and the power vested in my dictionary—chicken coop it is!

Or chicken house, chicken tractor, chicken ark. . .


6 thoughts on “Chicken word soup: Is it <i>coup, coupe,</i> or <i>coop</i>?”

  1. Hello from the future 😉

    Pedants still here, checking whether coop is just an Americanisation of coup.. relieved to find it’s not 😃

  2. And we belong to a chicken co-op. 😉 You are near the top at google when I needed to know how to spell chicken coop. Thanks for being here! 🙂

  3. Haha I did the same thing as Heather! Thank you for clarifying this. I posted coop on my blog and then my sister spelled it coup. Whew!! Cheers!!

  4. LOL! Your blog came up when I wanted to make sure I was identifying a “coop” properly. Loved your explanations! Thank you. And yep, I get that you posted this a LONG time ago. Have a great day!


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