DIY Chicken Coop Wall Carrier

Do it yourself hook carrier for chicken coop walls

We got this tip for a wall carrier from a customer building The Garden Loft, a design that allows you to pre-build the walls of your coop in one location, then move them into place for assembly. The rest of this post comes from him. . . . 

I constructed all the walls for The Garden Loft in my carport and then had to carry them all up a hill to the back of my yard for installation. I knew the back wall especially would be a bear to carry just with our hands, owing to the overall size and weight, so I devised a carrying mechanism that made it fairly easy work for four of us.

I used a six-inch section of PVC pipe, a “hang anything” hook, and some strong rope. I cut the rope into lengths of a few inches more than five feet. Then I knotted one side after feeding it through the pipe (the “handle”), looped it into a knot over the hook, and fed the other end of the rope back through the pipe in the opposite direction, then knotted the rope on that side of the pipe.

You can clearly see all of this in the photos. One extra tip: after cutting this type of nylon-encased rope, use a flame to melt the end so it does not fray.

Rope pipe and hook to make DIY carrier for coop wall

The four carriers I made allowed us to easily keep the walls about a foot off the ground as we carried then at arm’s length, freeing up the other arm to help support the wall on top to avoid it swaying. We had two guys stand on each side of the wall.

We carried and installed the walls last night. The carriers worked like a charm!

Many thanks to John in Atlanta for this great idea and tutorial. Like the idea? Have other uses to suggest for it? Leave a comment below and let us know. 



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