Sandra and John’s Basic Coop Stand-Alone Chicken Coop, Layton, Utah

Basic Chicken Coop from Plans

Sandra and John used The Basic Coop stand-alone chicken coop plans to build this home for their mixed flock of standard and bantam hens in Utah. They made a few modifications to suit their needs: 

  • Enlarged the footprint of the coop slightly
  • Added a run made from a repurposed bunk bed
  • Added external nest boxes using our free plans

The combined space of the chicken coop and run is 30 square feet. When the flock is a little older, they plan to let them free range in the yard a few hours each day as well.

A few more pictures of the chicken coop. . .



Outside nest box for The Basic Coop

And a final word from Sandra and John:

We love the plan — simple to build, beautiful to look at, and adaptable. Thank you!

Many thanks to Sandra and John for sharing photos of their coop and all the ways they made it their own. If you like what they’ve built, let them know with a comment below. If you’re interested in building your own Basic Coop to get started with chickens or to add to your flock, you can learn more about the coop design and our DIY plans here


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