Steve’s Backyard Garden Coop, Queensland, Australia

Garden Coop built on a slope.

Steve used The Garden Coop plans to build this secure walk-in coop at the edge of his orchard on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. He sent us a nice note and pictures to share. 

The main reason for building the coop (apart from eggs!) was our 11-year-old twin girls wanted chooks for their birthday, so I needed to build a house for them. Still have some final touches to make to rocks at the base (the position had a bit of a slope). The coop is visible from the road and we have already had positive comments about the new addition to the orchard from people taking a walk. Plans were fantastic, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Thanks so much!

Ladder going to raised henhouse of Steve's Garden Coop.

Ladder leading up into henhouse of The Garden Coop.

Roost in the henhouse of The Garden Coop.

Inside nesting box on Australian chook house.

Egg door opens for easy access to eggs.

Walk-in chicken coop and run in Queensland, Australia.

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his coop photos and notes on building with The Garden Coop plans. If you like what he’s created, please let him know with a note below. And if you find our posts helpful and want to receive email notifications as posts are published, subscribe to Coop Thoughts.

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