Chicken Propaganda PosterPortland artist Joe Wirtheim’s Victory Garden of Tomorrow poster art project is a contemporary take on mid-century propaganda posters. Homegrown meets the home front.

Chicken Propaganda Poster Art

Here are a couple I like a lot, and yes, because of the chickens. Chickens are funny. And to see them portrayed in such a heroic context is, well, it makes you think about how our grandest ideas these days often concern the small things. . .

Appreciating what you have. Making more of less. Letting chickens be chickens. Letting worms make compost.

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow series dates back to 2005, so there are several other variations on the theme of food gardening. See the whole range of them and order your favorites at Joe’s Etsy shop.

Do you happen to collect these? Which are your favorites?

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