About Coop Thoughts

Coop Thoughts is the blogging wing of TheGardenCoop.com. It is written by me, John, the designer of The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark do-it-yourself urban chicken coop plans.

I’m a writer by profession—and a do-it-yourselfer/vegetable gardener by passion. My family lives in Portland, Oregon, where we keep 8 laying hens in our small backyard. The hens are a trip, and their eggs make us feel like royalty.

The Coop Thoughts blog is a way to share and organize my thoughts, research, and experience in urban chicken keeping and chicken coop building in general. Feel free to add your own thoughts to any of the posts, no matter how “old.” Good ideas never expire.

And for a closer look at the plans as well as plenty of examples of what others have built with them, visit TheGardenCoop.com home page.

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Build safe and have fun!