“Krewe of Coops” Virtual Chicken Coop Tour, Lucky No. 13 — Eight Garden Arks

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Coop 1: Frank’s Garden Ark with Pavers, Shoreline, Washington

“I built this with my girlfriend’s dad who is a retired Boeing machinist. It turned out really well, and the directions took a lot of guesswork out of the building process. I have the ark sitting on a base of 12×12 pavers loose-set in sand and gravel to deter raccoons from digging underneath the edge. Once the flock is established, I will be adding a pop door and a fence around the coop to allow the birds more room to range during the day.”

Coop 2: Brooke’s Fence Board Garden Ark, Washington State

“I love it – the fence boards were fun to use!”

Garden Ark Chicken Coop Plans

Mobile Chicken Coop External Nest Boxes

Coop 3: Matthew’s Garden Ark, Santa Cruz, California

Matthew used The Garden Ark plans and optional hardware kit to build this portable chicken coop, just in time for the holidays. “The plans were amazing,” he wrote. “It was such a fun project and made for an awesome Christmas present.”

Coop 4: Nate’s Larger Garden Ark, Somewhere Beautiful in Missouri

“Got ‘er done. Ended up with a 62-inch wide roof and 60-inch purlins. Basically just did cross multiplication to use keep the proportions more or less right. Based on a 96-inch skid.”

“I learned a lot:

  • I used two-by-threes for the upright studs and ripped 10′ two-by-fours down to two-by-threes for the roof beams.
  • I spent a lot of time getting the frame perfectly square only to discover that the hardware cloth was not. Had to cheat it to cover. Very frustrating.  If you looked close enough, it’s actually kind of ugly, but it will work.
  • I think the math suggests a 67-inch roof. Mine is 62. I think an extra 3 inches on each side (lap the roof material less than I did) would make a big difference. The two-by-three roof beam also contributes to the issue. I will figure out some way to keep driving rain out.
  • It’s heavier than I thought. I need more robust wheels than what I have right now. Also thinking of making a hitch to use my riding mower to assist moves.
  • Going to do nesting boxes from plastic milk crates and two roost bars. I have 4 pullets now. Could probably comfortably fit 7 to 8, but I think 6 will be perfect.  

Overall, a very fun and functional project. Thanks for all the help and support.”

Coop 5: Laura’s Blue Garden Ark, Northwest Indiana

“I’m sixty and have some building experience — finished it by myself! I did add a nest box as well as some exterior feeding boxes with Royal Rooster PVC feeders inside.”

“The hens access their food and water through the door, and this will make it easier for others to care for them when I am away from home. Still plan on adding more runs to make a fence and do some landscaping.”

Sand floor in the henhouse. . .

Coop 6: Dave’s Garden Ark, Woodstock, Vermont

“We have a larger coop with six adult chickens in it now. The idea is for The Garden Ark to be a ‘transition area’ for our chicks when they’re ready to go outside, but not old enough to join the adults. Thanks again for your thorough instructions. I never could’ve tackled a job of this complexity without your diagrams and explanations.”

Coop 7: Susanna and Julio’s Garden Ark

“Julio was not the most enthusiastic chicken coop builder, but now that the project is complete, he can’t stop bragging about it and sending pictures to everyone! Thanks for the easy-to-follow and complete plans.”

Coop 8: Brian’s Larger Garden Ark, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“The modifications to make it larger took a little bit of thinking through, but were generally pretty straightforward. Thanks again. These plans and hardware kits have worked great! My birds love ’em.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos and comments for the thirteenth ride of the Krewe of Coops! Like what they’ve done with their Garden Arks? Let us and them know with a comment below.

You can learn more and buy/download The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans here. See more Krewe of Coops posts here, or browse all of our Make It Your Own coop profiles.

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