Make It Your Own: Michael’s Seattle Garden Coop with Cedar Siding and Windows

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Chicken coop with cedar siding and shortened run

Michael and family in Seattle built a modified version of the The Garden Coop to fit their backyard and needs. I particularly like the woodwork on this coop, like the tapers he cut into the ends of the purlins, the alternating corners on the siding, and the added depth and angle on the rafter tails. Michael sent us some great notes and several photos of their handiwork. Here they are: 

Our Garden Coop build

Here is our personalized version of The Garden Coop, which we call “Le Palais du Poulet.” The plans served as a great jumping off point, as we knew we would need to change the dimensions in order for the coop to fit into our site. We decided on four hens and our site was limited in size, so the coop became 6′ long by 5′ wide and 5′ high.

Using your joinery techniques and tips from some of your other enthusiasts, we made some modifications. We added two windows, an outer hen house cleanout door, outboard nesting boxes, and a line and pulley system for the hen house door. We used cedar two-by-fours and cedar fencing for the hen house siding. Working evenings and weekends, it took us about a month to complete. Thanks for the wonderful plans!


Side view of chicken coop with shorter but deeper run


Doorway to walk-in chicken coop with cedar siding


Door and roosts in chicken coop henhouse


Window and roosts in henhouse of walk in chicken coop.


Cedar nesting boxes with window on chicken coop henhouse.

Thanks to Michael, Kat, and Sam for sharing all these photos. The henhouse windows and cedar siding are great touches too. If you like what they’ve done, please let them know with a comment below!

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4 Responses to “Make It Your Own: Michael’s Seattle Garden Coop with Cedar Siding and Windows”

  1. MJ says:

    How much did the materials cost to make this project?

  2. Carol Vilevac says:

    Love the modifications you’ve made to the design. Great woodworking details and a really nice roost. Hope your chickens reward you with lots of eggs.

  3. Stacy W says:

    This is one of the most beautiful coops I’ve seen. Great job! I love the cedar siding.

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