Ying’s Chicago Chicken Coop Build

Modified larger egg door on a Garden Coop in Chicago

Ying made a wonderful addition to her Chicago backyard using the Garden Coop full-height chicken coop plans, modifying the design to have a peaked roof. The rest of the post comes from her. . . . 

Wood frame of backyard chicken coop in Chicago

Building my backyard chicken coop

I bought your Garden Coop chicken coop plans back in the second week of June and started working on it right away. I finished in early August and wanted to share with you the fruits of my labor!

It was very daunting to see some 30+ pages after I purchased your coop plans and downloaded it, but I was determined to see it through. I thought if other women could do it, why not me?

I deviated from the plan and added my own alterations, but I used the main frame which gave me a fantastic foundation. 

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