NEW: Chicken coop hardware Quick Kit for The Garden Ark

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The Garden Ark is a fun to build, portable chicken tractor, ideal for 3 hensYou can now build The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop easier and faster than ever, thanks to our new chicken coop hardware Quick Kit.

* UPDATE (11/14/12): We now also offer a Quick Kit for The Garden Coop.

In one box you get all the screws, staples, nuts, bolts, washers, nails, roofing screws, latches, hinges, braces, custom-cut tubing, and wheels you need to build this modern mobile tractor design.

All that’s left for you to shop for are the bulky items: wood, roofing, hardware cloth, and stain/paint.

The Quick Kit is the perfect companion to The Garden Ark plans for a number of reasons:

  • It’s got just what you need — the right parts in the right amounts. So you can dive right into your project.
  • It’s priced at what you’d expect to pay if you bought these items locally.
  • It includes only high-quality parts, so you don’t have to settle for what your nearby hardware stores might carry.

Kit contains all the hardware you need to build The Garden Ark chicken coopI build a Garden Ark or two each year and began thinking of these kits as a way to streamline my own shopping. Now you can enjoy the same efficiencies — I’ll shop, you build!

Learn more and order your chicken coop Quick Kit here.

If you’ve already built The Garden Ark — or The Garden Coop, for that matter — please leave a comment and let me know if something like this would have come in handy for your coop build.

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5 Responses to “NEW: Chicken coop hardware Quick Kit for The Garden Ark”

  1. Bill says:

    A kit would be an big, big help. Faster please.

  2. Amanda says:

    I would LOVE a Garden Coop kit! I am going to be beginning mine soon, and I am intimidated by the hardware! I thought about getting less chicks and doing the ark, but the coop is so beautiful!

  3. Jason says:

    Yes, this would have been extremely helpful! I remember spending hours tracking everything down. Not to mention return visits. Great idea.

  4. Paul Bracken says:

    I am currently in the process of building the garden coop, and the most frustrating part was trying to find roof screws. Both the Lowes and Home Depot in my area sell the corrugated roof panels, but not the 2″ screws for attaching them. the longest they had was 1.5″, which the manufacturer told me not to use. Finally found some online, but the cost to ship was more than the cost of the screws. Having your hardware kit would have been great!

    • Paul, thanks for your feedback. Not having to chase down every item is one big advantage of having a kit. Maybe I’ll have one ready for The Garden Coop before you build a second one. 😉

      Specific to the roofing screws, my local HD carries these in a couple of places, including right beneath the corrugated panels, conveniently enough! But I’m not surprised to hear that this varies by store. The 1 1/2″ screws are long enough to attach the more commonly used metal corrugated roofing, since that often attaches in the valleys of the corrugation. You were right to insist on the 2″ screws for the polycarbonate, though, since this material has to attach from the “peaks.”

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