Make It Your Own: Randy and Christy’s Garden Ark, Suisun City, California

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Baby Blue Chicken Tractor in Northern California

Randy and Christy used The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans to build a beautiful white and baby blue chicken tractor for their northern California flock. They also added an ingenious gravity-fed feeding system (made of PVC pipe) and a bucket watering system that mounts to the rear of the coop.

How to make a PVC chicken feeder

Thanks to Randy and Christy for sharing their ideas and pictures! If you have experience with a PVC chicken feeder or bucket waterer on your chicken coop, leave a comment below. What has worked? What would you do differently?

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9 Responses to “Make It Your Own: Randy and Christy’s Garden Ark, Suisun City, California”

  1. Kerry c says:

    The link to their site is down, any other pics from inside?

    Is it 3″ or 2″ pvc?

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link, Kerry. I’ve removed it. I’m fairly certain that is 3″ PVC, given its size relative to the 2×4 skids, which are 3.5″ wide.

  2. Chickeneater says:

    I am toxic too. Mostly after a hot Pastrami sandwich.

  3. Carolyn Combs says:

    If it’s that toxic, then I don’t think they would make city water pipes and the pipes used for house plumbing out of it. Also most swiming pools use it. Unless you use only bottled water (and the plastic used for some bottled water is toxic) or a deep well, then you use water that was delivered to your house thru pvc pipes. It’s usually the fumes when melted that are toxic. For that matter, also the teflon on your cookwear when it is hot puts out fumes that will kill parakeets if they are close to the kitchen. Yet they say it isn’t toxic to humans!?

  4. The PVC feeder is a great addition (thanks for the note in comments about adding mesh). PVC is used on human drinking water systems in the islands (in conjunction with CPVC)

  5. Andy says:

    PVC is toxic. We need to be using durable as possible natural materials.

  6. Karen G. says:

    You mentioned putting a temporary panel below the egg door. I recycled a glass shelf set in with a channel at the bottom and mirror clips at the top. It lets in the winter light and is removeable in the summer.

    I am curious if your roost door on pulley’s opens all the way and whether your girls find it easy to get in and out and whether you find it smooth in the opening. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but am just getting around to it.
    Karen in Davis

  7. Mary says:

    I have a bucket waterer in Northwest Iowa. It gets very cold here. At the local hardware store I found a hogheater made for plastic buckets. It is thermoastically control, that is goes on when the temp drops, turns off when it warms up. Never have frozen water, or melted bucket for that matter,

  8. Roberta says:

    I loved the idea of the PVC chicken feeder but I had a terrible outcome. The feeder was close to empty and my chickens are 2 months old. The smallest one tried to get the feed at the bottom of the feeder and was small enough to fall in and couldn’t get back out. She died and it was terrible to find her with her feet sticking out of the feeder! I’m putting in a plastic grid rolled into a tube so they can’t get that far into the feeder. I have pictures but not a website to link to. I hope this prevents problems for other people.

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