Make It Your Own: Donna’s Garden Coop (Indianapolis, Indiana)

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When Indianapolis architect Donna Sink was looking for blueprints for a stylish backyard chicken coop, she chose The Garden Coop design plans and took it from there. She wrote to us recently to share her experience with The Garden Coop in Indy:

Just thought I’d let you know how happy we are with our Garden Coop. We’ve had lots of snow this winter, and since I wrapped most of it with plastic, the girls are cozy, comfy, and snow-free in the run. When it’s sunny, it even feels like a little spa in there!

Donna kept her chicken coop cozy by wrapping it partially in plastic sheeting.

I covered the hardware cloth on top of the coop with an old window so they still have light but stay warm, though they do spend most of their days out in the run.

I tweaked the design just a little, but am so pleased with how well it all works. Thank you for doing such a nice job!

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