Make It Your Own: Brigitte and Max’s Garden Coop (Davis, California)

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Max and Brigitte used The Garden Coop plans to add a chicken coop to their Davis backyard.

Brigitte and Max sent in this picture of their Garden Coop in sunny Davis, California. It’s a good example of how well a chicken coop — even a good-sized walk-in coop like The Garden Coop — can fit into a typical backyard.

I asked them about the finish on the wood, which came out really nice. “For the frame in fir I used a leftover deck sealer and stained the wood before we put the frame up,” Brigitte wrote. “The wood around the house is redwood, and we left it natural.”

Thanks, Brigitte and Max, for the photo and feedback!

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2 Responses to “Make It Your Own: Brigitte and Max’s Garden Coop (Davis, California)”

  1. Karen G. says:

    Hi fellow Davisites,
    Are you doing anything to winterize your coop?

  2. Denny says:

    Cool coop. We have colder weather in Washington State but we built a walk in coop as well.

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