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Our collection of original chicken coop and run plans make it easy
to build and customise the perfect backyard chook pen:


The Garden Coop walk-in coop and run plans  

The Garden Coop Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Keep up to 8 hens or customise for more
  • » Walk in through the full-sized door
  • » Know your flock is safe all around from foxes, rodents, and other predators
  • » Easily modify to suit your flock and needs
  • » Measures about 3m(w) x 1.8(d) x 2.4(h)
  • » Metric version is available


The Garden Loft large walk-in coop and run plans


The Garden Loft Large Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Our largest design, offering twice the space of The Garden Coop
  • » Keep up to 16 hens, or add day run space to keep even more
  • » Full-width, waist-high henhouse integrated with spacious run
  • » Know your flock is safe all around from predators and pests
  • » Includes four nest boxes, generous roosting space, and plenty of room to add storage or other features
  • » Measures about 3.6m(h) x 2.75(d) x 2.6(h)
  • » Plans include metric and imperial units


The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans  

The Garden Ark Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Keep up to 3 hens
  • » Move it around for grazing and/or fertilising your garden. It's portable — and it has wheels!
  • » Know your flock is safe with tough protection against predators
  • » Measures about .9m(w) x 1.8(d) x 1.2(h)
  • » Metric version is available



The Basic Coop Plans


Basic Coop Chicken Coop Plans
  • » Keep up to 4 hens
  • » Efficient design optimises materials and space — can be built for under $200
  • » Stands alone in a fenced-in area or free-range yard — or attach an enclosed run
  • » A starter coop you can grow with
  • » Measures about 1m(w) x 1(d) x 1.2(h)
  • » Plans include metric and imperial units



The Garden Run Plans


The Garden Run Plans
  • » Expand your coop or hutch — a little or a lot
  • » Secure your hens' day run all around
  • » Grow herbs or succulents in a raised, permeable garden bed
  • » Provide beauty and shade with a walk-in pergola
  • » Connects easily to all our coop designs — or to any coop or hutch
  • » Plans include metric and imperial units




Designed in America. Built in Australia. . . by you!

As more and more people are discovering the fun of keeping chickens in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Bendigo, and Perth, the same thing is happening in cities across America.

We created our chicken coop plans in Portland, Oregon, a progressive city in the American Northwest with a strong tradition of urban agriculture and sustainability. Since we've introduced these plans online, people around the world have discovered just how easy it can be to build a stylish, predator-proof backyard chicken coop.



You can build your own urban chicken coop. Really.

Fox-proof chicken coop plansOur city chook house and run plans combine simplicity of construction with a refreshing modern style rarely seen in do-it-yourself backyard chicken coops. These coops and runs are designed right. So whether you're new to chooks or carpentry, you'll get the most out of raising your own garden-fresh eggs — without turning your backyard into a barnyard.

» You shop for or recycle the materials (list included).
» You modify the coop design however you like.
» You build it.

The satisfaction is all yours. Guaranteed.



Cluck around! Everything you want to know about our chicken coop plans is right here.

Portable backyard chook house fits in a ute or small pickupExplore our site for scores of coop pictures and videos, free chicken coop plan previews, FAQs, articles, advice, our 30-day total satisfaction guarantee — and, of course, to purchase and download your DIY chook house or run plans right away. Plans start at just $25 AUD (approximate, as conversion rate varies).


Get started now. Welcome to

Questions about our plans? We're just an email away.



What They're Saying About Our Chicken Coop and Run Plans in Australia


"Thank you for such easy-to-understand plans. This was our first venture in building anything, and we are very pleased with the outcome. I have learnt so many new skills, and now we have the pleasure of watching our chickens, which is so relaxing, and looking forward to when they start to lay." —Colin and Faye, Mirboo North

Australian built chicken coop using DIY plans
Read more about Colin and Faye's Victoria chicken coop here.


"I am impressed by your designs. (I actually bought plans for both the coop and ark, because I just could not decide which to build!) Thanks a bunch for the quick feedback on my questions. Much appreciated." —Blair, Melbourne

Australian built chicken coop using DIY plans
Read more about Blair's Garden Ark chicken tractor here.


"Just wanted to say the plans for The Garden Coop are great and so easy to follow. I did most of the work myself (my husband assisted), and I am certainly not an experienced builder. Our three girls have now moved in and are loving their new home." —Kelly, Townsville, North Queensland

walk-in chicken coop plans Queensland

"We were quite pleased when we stumbled upon The Garden Coop website, and it didn't take long for us to make the purchase of the plans and get started on our coop. We found your metric instructions very straightforward to follow and easily adapted to our particular needs. I would not have said I was a skilled craftsperson at the outset of building the coop, and I have learnt many new skills and techniques along the way. As a result I would happily recommend your plans to anyone looking at building their own secure coop." —Robert, Bendigo

"I could have tried drawing my own, but for the price I thought better to buy your plans. I've added a few extra supports and sheeting around the bottom as here in Tassie it gets bloody windy, and rain can travel sideways during winter. And I’ve found a big padlock. . . as sure as buggery someone will one day have a go at getting into the pen!" —Paul, Tasmania

See what others in Australia are building with our fox-proof chicken coop plans.

And read even more reviews of our plans from customers around the world.

Or email us to share your own. We look forward to hearing from you.



Click here to get to our chicken coop plans home page.




Poultry Keeping Resources in Australia

RSPCA – Tips on what type of house to build for your backyard hens

Department of Industry and Science – Guide to keeping backyard chickens

Sustainable Living Guide – Tips on keeping chickens for eggs

Rent A Chook – Service that lets you try raising chickens before committing to it longer term





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