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Chook house. Poulailler. Gallinero. Kippenhok. Hühnerstall. Hønsegården. Whatever you call it, we have the coop plans for you.


The metric versions of The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark chicken coop plans are page for page like the originals only in metric units instead of feet/inches.

Walk-in chicken coop plans - The Garden Coop

Chicken tractor plans - The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop

We've made sure only to call for materials that are widely available around the world. And the measurements, materials, tools, and techniques are all explained with clear, professional writing, diagrams, and photos.

Download free previews of The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark metric plans to see what you can expect. Or scroll down to see what others are saying.

And the plans for our other designs — The Garden Loft, The Basic Coop, and The Garden Run — are universal, so they already include both metric and imperial units!



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Questions about the metric plans:


What language are the metric plans written in?

English. Well, American English.


What are the approximate metric dimensions of The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark?

The Garden Coop walk-in coop measures about 3 m (width) x 1.8 m (depth) x 2.4 m (height).

The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop measures about .9m (width) x 1.8 (depth) x 1.2 (height).


How much do materials cost?

Prices will differ by country, region, store, and, it seems, by the time of day. What I can tell you is that what is on The Garden Coop plan's materials list cost about $800 USD in 2014 (prior to sales tax). And what's on The Garden Ark plan's materials list cost about $275-325 USD. Here's a more detailed cost discussion for The Garden Coop.


In what countries have customers built The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark?

Customers have used our plans to build backyard chicken coops in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Israel, South Africa, the United States, and beyond. Just about anywhere people are raising their own chickens for eggs and for fun, you can build our coops. (We're in the process of building out a few country-specific areas to our site. Click here for: Australia, United Kingdom, Spain.)


Will I be able to find the materials I need to build The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark?

All of the materials are common in the U.S., and we've done quite a bit of homework to make sure they're available around the world as well. It's a flexible design, so if you have to make some substitutions, you should be fine. Lumber (timber) dimensions do vary somewhat from country to country, and you can adjust measurements accordingly. The roofing material is made by Palram and is available globally. Hardware cloth comes in various size rolls depending on location. The right fasteners, hinges, latches, etc. should be easy to come by. . .

As more people around the world build our chicken coop designs, we would like to add your feedback to this website. Let us know about your success/challenges with materials in your region.


How do I make an international purchase?

You can purchase your chicken coop plans on PayPal using most international currencies and credit cards. Click here to buy and download the plans.


Do you honor your Satisfaction Guarantee on international orders?

Absolutely. Give our plans a try! If it doesn't work out, let us know within 30 days, and we'll send you a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked. Satisfaction guaranteed.


I shop and work in a mix of metric and imperial units. Can I get both versions of your plans?

Sure. Purchase either version, then email us a request for the other. The metric and imperial versions match up page for page with only a few minor differences.


Other questions? Email us!




Satisfaction guaranteed.




What They're Saying About Our Metric Chicken Coop Plans


"Thank you for such easy-to-understand plans. This was our first venture in building anything, and we are very pleased with the outcome. I have learnt so many new skills, and now we have the pleasure of watching our chickens, which is so relaxing, and looking forward to when they start to lay." —Colin and Faye, Australia

Australian built chicken coop using DIY plans
Read more about Colin and Faye's Victoria chicken coop here.

"This is the most comprehensive set of step-by-step plans on building a coop. They are well worth it considering the investment put into the design." —Matt, Cape Town, South Africa

Garden Ark Chicken Coop
Read more about Matt's Cape Town Garden Ark mobile chicken tractor here.


"I am impressed by your designs for both the coop and the ark. (I actually bought both plans, because I just could not decide which to build!) Thanks a bunch for the quick feedback regarding using 12mm on the back panel. Much appreciated. It has not been difficult at all to assemble given your instructions." —Blair, Melbourne, Australia

Read even more reviews of our plans from customers around the world.

Or email us to share your own. We look forward to hearing from you.






Satisfaction guaranteed.







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