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Chicken Coop Ideas and Pictures from Our Customers


You can build our chicken coop designs just as they are — or use the plans as a jumping off point for your own creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some examples:

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Skip down to The Garden Ark. . .

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What others are building using The Garden Coop chicken coop plans:


» You know best what you need for your climate and location, and the design plans are quite easy to adapt. Dondi and Jeff put a lot of nice details into their henhouse and changed some other things around.


"We added more doors and windows and vents to the henhouse and changed the orientation to suit our needs, also rearranged the inside of the henhouse and made the run twice as long with the second half uncovered. . . .

The structure is solid and secure and provides a wonderful home for my girls. I like that the interior walls are easily removed if needed and that they provide extra insulation and protection from the elements."

—Dondi B., Boise, Idaho


Chicken coop design, The Garden Coop - Boise, Idaho

Custom chicken coop, The Garden Coop plans, Boise


» Christine worked with her 15-year-old son to add The Garden Coop to their beautiful backyard setting. She widened the coop by one foot, using the longer (12') poly roof panels, and cutting them to size. Also, by using the 16" cinder blocks for piers, an option detailed in the plans, they were able to keep the chicken coop level even with a slight slope to the site.


"I decided to give the whole coop some color (Osmo – Scandinavian Red) to brighten up the dreary outlook from our sunroom around this time of the year. The solar gray roof looks very good from above. . . . Thanks so much for the plan!"

—Christine S., Bainbridge Island, Washington

Chicken coop plans, The Garden Coop, Bainbridge

Why build a playhouse - build a chicken coop


» Whether in a city backyard or a wilder, more open space, The Garden Coop fits right in. And the plans show you exactly how to build a chicken coop—start to finish.


"I just wanted to let you know that you have more satisfied customers! My husband built The Garden Coop over three weekends. He finished it today and we are SO excited. I absolutely love everything about it, and the chickens seem very happy with their new digs. The directions were clear and accurate, and we appreciated all the detail. This is my 35th birthday present, and it is an awesome gift."

—Terris C., Sierra Foothills of California, just outside of Yosemite


DIY chicken coop plans, California


» Bill added linoleum to the henhouse floor (and walls), windows to the henhouse, and outboarded the nesting boxes. One of his suggestions, which I've since added to the plans, was to add some temporary bracing to the frame as you build it. It's a good point. Once the henhouse is built, everything tightens up well, but until then, feel free to add whatever corner bracing you need to keep the frame of the coop square and straight.


"Windows were our greatest innovation. We love them, as do our chickens. Look good too. The outboard nesting boxes have hinged drop down ends to facilitate cleaning, and a hinged lid for egg collection. It really increases the interior space.

The plans were easy to follow and detailed, and the design itself was well researched and functional. By the way, this was my first-ever construction project (till now had been a fixer-upper type)."

—Bill G., San Francisco Bay area, California



Nesting boxes on city chicken coop

Chicken coop windows on Garden Coop, California

Linoleum vinyl hen house on customized Garden Coop


» Mike and Dara used pea gravel for the floor of their chicken run. They also used canvas for a seasonal wind/rain screen in the winter. Their coop works beautifully in their small Portland backyard and fits well into their neighborhood. It also made a great backdrop for their holiday card!


"I added crushed gravel along the roof drip line and pea gravel in the coop floor with a drain tile beneath. We are at 1000ft elevation and the winters can be cold, so I had canvas tarps made to fit around the coop much like many have used plastic. I am really thankful for your plans and design for the coop. They are by far the most thorough, straightforward, and flexible (not to mention the most design appealing) that I have come across. Thanks again for your effort in offering this online for us to all benefit from."

—Michael P., Portland, Oregon

Click here for a longer article on Mike and Dara's urban backyard chicken coop on our Coop Thoughts blog.


Prepare chicken coop for winter

Pebble floor in the chicken run

Chicken coop family portrait


Satisfaction guaranteed.



What They're Saying About Our Chicken Coop Plans

"I'm 70 and pretty active, probably a few years ago I'd have tackled it by myself, but I'm going to get help from a friend, a carpenter. . . . I like its look and simple utility, and I look forward to the fun of putting it up and to finally having some chickens. . . . Thanks for this nice design."

"I was able to understand the plans and build with basically no experience. Other plans require skills, tools, and materials that aren't readily available to a lay person."

"We have looked at a number of different coop plans and yours seems to fit exactly what we want."



» I've had customers ask me how to build The Garden Coop smaller, and I've suggested lopping off the right third -- with the caveat that I'd never actually built one this way myself. Rob was one of a few customers I know of who came to the idea on their own, and his pictures are proof that it works quite nicely. (Note that to make this work, the door has to swing outward.)


"I thought you might want to know it was fairly easy to cut off the right third of the coop and still follow your plans. Our coop is 6' 6" wide, and has the same height and depth as the original design.  As you can see, there's more than enough room for three chickens -- we plan to add 2-3 more in the next few years. . . .

We also added a 2 x 2 x 8' in the back so that we could hang garden tools on the back of the coop (see second picture). We drilled holes in the ends of the shovel, rake, etc. and they are hanging on a screw screwed in to the 2 x 2."

—Rob P., Oregon


Small backyard chicken coop, The Garden Coop plans

Tools on urban chicken coop


» David set out to build using The Garden Coop plans as is, but once he got into it, he realized the coop would better fit his space and situation if he made it smaller. (Note that to make this work, the door has to swing outward.)


"I opted to modify the frame by eliminating a third from your design. I'm extremely pleased with the end result, and my three pullets seem very comfortable in their spacious new home. Thanks very much for your excellent coop plans!"

—David P., Oregon


Shortened chicken coop run

» Ed sent in a tip for when you're installing the hardware cloth around the henhouse. He suggests removing the bottom siding board on all sides, running the hardware cloth up under that board, then reattaching the board when finished (see second picture).  

"I couldn't agree more with the testimonials on your website. Your plans were well thought out, detailed, and easy to follow. I'm construction challenged, so it took me longer to build than most because I'm slow and had to redo several mistakes (I invented a few new curse words when trying to install the large entry door).

I've spent eight solid days building the coop. All but a few hours by myself. My wife and I really like how it turned out, and there is just no way I would have been able to do it without your plans."

—Ed P., Seattle, Washington


Homemade Seattle chicken coop from The Garden Coop plans

Inside the hen house attach wire mesh

» I think the henhouse section of The Garden Coop allows for a lot of personalization. It also gives you the chance to use recycled materials in building your chicken coop -- not just to save money, but to add character as well. Erin's version of The Garden Coop mixes color with the natural wood look and makes use of some existing materials.


"We and our five chickens are very happy with our coop. I followed the plans almost to the letter (this was my first construction project), except when we got to the henhouse -- we used plywood instead of cedar boards and added a recycled egg door.

We also added some framing to the top of the henhouse so we can easily set a plywood "roof" on for the winter. The best part is watching the chickens climb the ladder to bed each evening!"

—Erin K., Indianapolis, Indiana


Indianapolis chicken coop built using plans from

Recycled wood door on backyard chicken coop

View inside run with painted hen house


» Jill wasn't sure at first that she'd be able to build The Garden Coop. She stuck with it, though, at one point writing, "my chicks are getting bigger, so now I don't have much choice!" We stayed in touch throughout the process, and many of the questions she asked along the way helped me make improvements to later versions of our chicken coop plans. Now her coop is complete and looks great in her bountiful backyard garden.


"Well, I did it! I finished the coop on August 21 and my flock moved in that evening. Yay!!! I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement. Thank you!"

—Jill J., East Hampton, New York


New York chicken coop, The Garden Coop plans

The Garden Coop in a backyard vegetable garden



Satisfaction guaranteed.



» Karen shortened the depth of The Garden Coop so that it retains the look of the design from the front, but takes up less space in her yard. She also painted some elements (like the people door) while leaving others natural for a really cool effect.


"Due to space constraints we chose to make it only three feet wide. Since that left less floor space in the henhouse, we made a side door as seen instead of a bottom. The main door doesn't open as wide with the ladder in the way but by putting the outside roosting branches at the right angle, we get in just fine. . . .

Building your coop design has been a wonderful experience. We love the strength and look of it and we get lots of compliments from everyone who visits. Thank you!"

—Karen N., Los Angeles, California


Chickens in Los Angeles Garden Coop

Chicken ladder inside chicken coop, plans

Callifornia chooks, plans from


» Larry asked me for my thoughts on how to build The Garden Coop larger to keep a lot of chickens, so I put together a sketch I dubbed "The Garden Limo" as a thought-starter. Larry ran with it (and then some!) creating a stretch version on skids that he can move around as a chicken tractor. The pictures show it almost finished, with the outboard nesting boxes yet to come. This is a great example of how you can use our chicken coop plans as a basis for building just the coop you need.


"I am going to add a small door out the back near the bottom of the ramp. This will lead to a 'day' yard enclosed with Premier1 electric poultry net. A car battery and fence energizer will mount above the wheels with a solar array to charge it on top. Another mod is the skids have runners of Trex on the bottom for soil contact."

—Larry B., Washington State


Large chicken coop on wheels, Garden Coop plans

Large mobile chicken coop with skids and wheels

Extra large chicken coop, plans


» Mark and Megan are good friends of ours, and I was honored that they chose The Garden Coop plans for building their first coop. I don't use the word lightly either. Mark involved me and some friends in a building project of his own about a year before I designed and built The Garden Coop, and we had a really great time. I credit him with showing me how much fun building can be.

Mark changed the orientation of the henhouse from what's in the plans so that they'd have a view of the run from their house. He ran the ladder up the inner wall of the henhouse instead of the floor. He cut a window in the shape of a sunflower. And he used plywood T1-11 siding to match another building in their backyard. The result is the perfect poultry playhouse — a coop with room to grow.

—Mark and Megan T., SW Portland, Oregon


Poultry paradise playhouse chicken coop plans

Flower window on henhouse of Portland chicken coop

Double nesting boxes in chicken coop plans

Building a chicken coop from plans


» René's coop is tight. Notice the extra two-by-four below the front of the henhouse added to make attaching the hardware cloth easier. And the width of the siding boards extends to the corners.


"Overall your instructions and material call-outs were excellent. I'd recommend your plans to anyone."

—René S., Redmond, Washington


Backyard chickens coop near Seattle, Washington, made with The Garden Coop plans



Satisfaction guaranteed.



» Rob did a fantastic job with his Garden Coop, adding a beautiful window to the henhouse and an attached "garage" for straw and supplies. You can see more photos of his coop here.


"I did it essentially exactly according to your instructions. . . . The siding was cedar 'knotty and holey fence board' from the local discount lumber place, and we really like the knotholes anyway."

—Rob C., near Yachats, Oregon


Stylish DIY chicken coop in Oregon

DIY chicken coop plans, extra storage
with garage!


» Renee and family hung a star on the front of their henhouse, landscaped with a few flower beds, and used The Garden Coop plans to help transform a corner of their garden into chicken heaven.


"We love our new coop! Thanks so much for the wonderful design."

—Renee C., Bainbridge Island, Washington


Poultry pen or playhouse - chicken coop plans


» Scott made a few changes to The Garden Coop design that look really cool. And it reminds me. . . maybe you have some latches, hinges, or trim left over from another project. Even if it's not exactly what's called for in the plans, see how you can put it to use when building your chicken coop.


"I modified your wonderful design to fit my needs, and it worked out great: 1) I modified the egg access door. 2) I built two hinged interior panel walls for even more access to the inside of the coop."

—Scott H., Atlanta, Georgia


DIY chicken coop in Atlanta, plans

Henhouse access doors on chicken coop

Modified egg door on Atlanta chicken coop, plans


» Kara and Jeff did a few things differently from the plans, including using a homemade organic wood treatment, pine shiplap on the henhouse, and old lilac branches for door handles. They put rigid insulation in the walls of the henhouse, as the plan allows for. And they put some gravel down at the dripline of the chicken coop roof. Most importantly, they had a great time building it.


"This is the FIRST thing we've ever built — your plan has made it very easy to do and given us the confidence that we can do it. We had fun and learned a lot building this with my father. Now I want to build LOTS of things!!! The chicks are very happy too."

—Kara & Jeff M., Plymouth, Massachusetts


Beginner built chicken coop from easy chicken coop plans

Building a simple chicken coop in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Rustic wood door handle on backyard chicken coop



Satisfaction guaranteed.



» Tobin sent me lots of good feedback on the plans after building The Garden Coop. One of his tips is to leave three inches on the inside of the door opening when trimming the hardware cloth around the door. You can then wrap the mesh around the studs that frame the door. The mesh will then be covered by the doorstops, tucking any sharp edges away from the opening. (See the second picture, from a chicken coop I worked on using this tip.)

Notice too that his kids are as happy with this coop as they would be were it their very own playhouse. And since our chicken coop plans help give you the confidence to tackle other projects, maybe a playhouse is next?


"Thank you for the great design. It was easy to follow and well thought out. I made two modifications from the plans: 1) I used plywood for the henhouse exterior walls. This was primarily to save on cost but also to save on time! And 2) I moved the henhouse access ladder to come out of the wall to the right of the main henhouse access door (as you can see in the picture). This allowed me to hang both food and water from the underside of the hen house.

My younger daughter loves rainbows so we put up the rainbow flag for her. The “ladder” you see outside in front of the henhouse is a step my older daughter built so that she could see in the egg door."

—Tobin Z., Seattle, Washington


Chook house in Seattle

Hardware cloth on Pacific Northwest chicken coop


» Parker's chicken coop shows how a little paint can really brighten things up, especially in contrast to a darker wood frame.


"We like the simple and modern design of the coop. We swapped the side the henhouse was on for easier viewing from our house. We painted the smooth side on the slats and inset them in the frame for a nice look. As for the colors, we used leftover paint we had in the garage. The plans were just what we needed to complete our own unique creation.

—Parker W., Arlington, Texas

Do it yourself chicken coop, Arlington, Texas

Painted henhouse of The Garden Coop


» Brad and his family built their "Cadillac" Garden Coop using some old house windows for added flair. They also used recycled paint, which if you're in or near the Portland area you can get from MetroPaint (a service of Metro, the regional government in charge of planning, recycling/sustainability, and transportation for metropolitan Portland).


"This summer we downloaded your plans, and the coop came out great. The birds are mighty happy. Can't wait for eggs this fall!"

—Brad P., Portland, Oregon


Barn red painted chicken coop in Portland Oregon

Recycled windows on The Garden Coop chicken coop

Recycled paint from Metro on chicken coop, plans


» Alana reversed the orientation of the henhouse from the plans, added a couple of large windows, moved the hens' access door and ladder to the side of the henhouse, and used black hinges and hardware. Her coop looks right at home in her lush backyard garden.


"Thank you for the great plans and for answering my email questions so promptly. I started Friday afternoon and finished on Wednesday working about four hours each day. I did everything myself except the roofing and parts where a second set of hands were needed—that's where a husband comes in handy! Our city is going to have a chicken tour in the spring, and we'll be on it, so I know I'll be telling people about your site."

—Alana M., Everett, Washington


Chicken coop window on henhouse

Chicken coop in Seattle home garden, Washington

» As mentioned in The Garden Coop plan, you have several options for siding when you build a chicken coop. If you use T1-11 sheet siding, as Trenton did, choose plywood grade over OSB grade. It holds up a lot better. Seal it well, with a stain or paint, and it could be a nice alternative to using individual boards, and in some ways a little simpler to install. 


"All the measurements were spot on and everything went together great. The only changes I made were I used some T1-11 siding I had from a previous project and I stained it. Once again, thank you, my chickens are really enjoying there new home."

—Trenton S., Aiken, South Carolina


Plywood siding on a chicken coop


» Kevin has serious construction skills, and used The Garden Coop chicken coop plans as a starting point for his own creation, making use of some materials he had around from other projects. It is pictured here under construction.

"The roofing material is going to be metal roofing that we have left over from a barn project. . . . Thanks for all the research that you did, it definitely worked as a great starting point for me to establish my modified version."

—Kevin B., Hillsdale, Oregon


Strong, safe chicken coop in Oregon



» Aaron's coop shows how you can add your own style to the design and come up with something great.


"We have been selected to be part of the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour, which is pretty exciting."

—Aaron V., Austin, Texas


Chicken coop featured in Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour



» A J used our plans to add The Garden Coop to her growing, diverse urban farm. You can view her videos here.


"Hello from the Happy Heart and Tails Farm. Our coop is finished, the Girlz seem very happy with it. . . . Thanks again for the phone help, [we were] very happy to have the assistance."

—A J and Dee, Portland, Oregon


Videos of The Garden Coop urban chicken coop


» Donna was the first to duplicate The Garden Coop design, and she did so without the help of a plan, working from conversations and measurements she took. The plans just make building your own chicken coop that much easier!


"This coop design is the best I have seen so far. Having a raccoon family living in the next yard, we needed a secure enclosed area. . . No one has to let the chickens out in the morning! The trap door in the floor of their hen house allows them to enter and exit their sleeping quarters as they wish."

—Donna S., Portland, Oregon


Racoon proof chicken coop




Satisfaction guaranteed.



What others are building using The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans:

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» Nelson built this adorable Garden Ark using plans we donated to his child's elementary school fundraiser. Rather than auction off the plans, a group of parents decided to build the coop, package it with supplies and a few chicks, and offer the works up for auction.


"I'm a benefit auctioneer (and casual craftsman) who had the pleasure of collaborating with several families on a donation package for our kids' school auction. The coop with supplies and 3 chicks sold for $2,100, far exceeding what I expected to sell it for! I spent mostly evenings for a couple weeks working on The Garden Ark. The graphic on the wire was achieved by creating a stencil, then spray painting flat black paint to the outside of the wire mesh. I worked for a brewery years ago, so the bottle opener by the egg door seemed appropriate. Thanks again for helping out with the donation of such terrific plans!"

—Nelson J., Seattle, Washington



» Benjamin was the first to send in a picture of his completed Garden Ark. The natural wood against the charcoal gray really brings out the modern elements of this coop design. And he used a branch for the roosting pole—a great touch. These are so much fun to build!


"We finished our Garden Ark chicken coop last weekend and added three baby chickens to our family. We are so happy with the result. Thanks very much for the detailed design. We got so many compliments from our friends already. They've never seen a chicken coop this fancy. They call it the 'chicken loft.'"

—Benjamin L., Seattle, Washington


Modern, mobile chicken coop plans

Chicken coop roost in The Garden Ark

Portable chicken tractor The Garden Ark


» This Garden Ark in Atlanta's West End neighborhood is a good example of how just about anyone can use our chicken coop design plans to create something wonderful. According to the builder, she did it all by herself — and had never used a circular saw before this project! The plans also gave her the skills and confidence to take the design even further, adding a ladder, external nesting boxes, and a detachable run.

"The instructions were very good. Nothing frustrating about them. And I have practically no building experience. I didn't even know what a corner clamp was. (Very useful, the corner clamp!) I am very happy with the way it turned out."

—Mary, Atlanta, Georgia


Urban chicken tractor Atlanta Georgia

Chicken coop window

Detachable chicken run

» I built a few Garden Arks to work out and test the plan. I donated the one pictured here to be a Grand Prize in the 2009 Portland Tour de Coops raffle, with all proceeds going to Growing Gardens.

The "7-Penny" Garden Ark: The plan calls for securing hardware cloth with poultry fencing staples. That usually works fine, but for some reason there was one piece of wood in the front that was too hard for the staples to go in neatly. So I used screws and a seven pennies-as-washers to solve the problem. It gave the coop a classic "buttoned" look at the front.


The Garden Ark in Portland Tour de Coops

Pennies on chicken coop hardware cloth


» The chicken tractor pictured on the cover of The Garden Ark plan and website was another of the first few built, and I gave it to the Portland Fruit Tree Project to house a small flock in their new demonstration garden. Pictured here is Katy Kolker, executive director of PFTP, picking up The Garden Ark (which, as you can see, fits neatly in the bed of a small pickup truck!).


Portland Fruit Tree Project demonstration garden chicken coop


» Tony was the first customer to buy The Garden Ark plan. Turns out, he's also a neighbor of mine. While he used the plans for The Garden Ark to get a sense of materials and process, he wanted to bring in certain elements he'd seen on The Garden Coop. The result is pretty cool. He used tongue-and-groove cedar for the hen house siding and a dark-green coated hardware cloth on the chicken run that does a lot to improve visibility into the coop.


"I added vinyl to the floor. The roost and nest box are removable with wing nuts from underneath. I used bamboo from my yard for the ladder steps and branches from a plum tree in my yard for the two roosts."

—Tony J., Portland, Oregon

Click here to read a longer article about Tony's chicken coop on our Coop Thoughts blog.


Chicken tractor using The Garden Ark and The Garden Coop plans

Vinyl floor in henhouse


» Ken built The Garden Ark and changed the orientation of the roof and the siding. He also added a PVC feeder and waterer, poop tray, sliding door, and a beautiful mural on the inside of the henhouse. Lucky birds.


"I really appreciate having well documented plans to work from. And getting the hardware package from you was well worth it in time saved pondering and scheming at the hardware store. Picking out lumber was hard enough!"

—Ken O., Corvallis, Oregon

Click here for more about Ken's coop on his blog— including a VIDEO coop tour of all the cool features he's added.


Sideways roof on Garden Ark coop

Corvallis chicken coop from plans

Chicken coop mural painted in henhouse of Garden Ark


» The Garden Ark "Bubbles": My wife is a painter, and in exchange for her getting to create the design on the next ark we do, she agreed to first help me realize a vision that kept haunting me: a white-roofed, white-walled ark with bubbles coming up the sides. I have to say, I like the white roof. It lets through a pure, soft light — the ark just glows out there in the yard. I like the bubbles too, of course. Bubbles are fun.



Fun designs for a mobile chicken ark coop




Satisfaction guaranteed.




What others are building using The Basic Coop stand-alone chicken coop plans:

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» Rebecca used our plans for The Basic Coop, lengthened the legs, and added her own attached run to create this secure home for her hens.


"I have very little building experience. In fact, this was the first time I had ever used a circular saw. Your plans were easy to follow with just the right amount of detail. I couldn't be happier, and the girls love their new home!"

—Rebecca G., suburban Philadephia

Click here for the full story of Rebecca's coop on our Coop Thoughts blog.


Rebecca's Basic Coop with attached run

» Val sent in this shot of her Basic Coop that she built using one of our hardware kits. Notice the classic color scheme and the additional day run to keep the hens contained while allowing them some room to roam.

—Val R., Barstow, California

Basic Chicken Coop from Hardware Kit


» Emily placed her Basic Coop inside an enclosed 7' x 7' run and raised it higher off the ground so her chickens could access the space beneath it.

"My dad helped me build The Basic Coop. The plans were great and very easy to follow. It was a really fun project and well worth it!

—Emily M., Logan, UT

Basic Chicken Coop from Hardware Kit


» "What a joy it was to build! I have limited handyman experience, but found the plans so easy to follow. I was particularly impressed with the comprehensive list of timber, ply, and fittings required and of how little waste there was.

"I have ended up with a quality, robust chicken house for about half the cost of a locally built equivalent or a similar price for a flimsy imported one. I have also developed some new handyman skills along the way.

"I would strongly recommend the plans to people who want to build their own chicken coop and aren't sure they have the skills to do so."

—Charlie, New Zealand

Read more about Charlie's chickens and his Basic Coop in this review from Keeping Chickens NZ.

Basic Chicken Coop New Zealand




Satisfaction guaranteed.




What others are building using The Garden Run modular enclosure plans:

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» "Finished the quarter-height run module to use as a grow-out pen for the chicks. It was very easy to build, and will fit onto our Garden Ark when I'm ready. Very pleased with the versatility of the design! Hard to capture how spacious it is in a picture."

—Karen E., Maine


Grow Out Pen Plans Chickens

» "We made The Basic Coop with the quarter-height and half-height Garden Run designs for our four chickens. Your plans and pictures were a strong base from which to visualize and customize. The coop color choice was left entirely to our 7-year-old daughter."

—Laura, Northport, MI


Garden Top Chicken Run with Basic Coop

» Built your enlosed chicken run using The Garden Run plans? Let us know! We'd love to see it and share your handiwork right here.

—You Hoo, Wherever, U.R.




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What others are building using The Garden Loft large walk-in chicken coop plans:

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» Building The Garden Loft large-walk in coop and run? Be one of the first to share what you've done with our latest design!

—Yes U., Yourtown, OK




Satisfaction guaranteed.





What They're Saying About Our Chicken Coop Plans

"The plans were so easy to follow, yet open to changes, which I found to be the best feature. The coop turned out beautiful. I've been caught just standing and staring at it."

"You mentioned that you would refund the purchase if I wasn't able to use the plans. I hate to do it, the coop is so great, but I'm really not going to be able to build it [with the materials I'm trying to use]."

(After refund:) "Thank you so much for your response and great customer service. I will definitely spread the word. . . ." —Lauren




Satisfaction guaranteed.




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