Introducing The Basic Coop

Our latest coop design is ready! It’s called The Basic Coop, and plans and hardware kits are now available. Take a look. . .

The Basic Coop Chicken Coop Plans

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Make It Your Own: Michael’s Seattle Garden Coop with Cedar Siding and Windows

Chicken coop with cedar siding and shortened run

Michael and family in Seattle built a modified version of the The Garden Coop to fit their backyard and needs. I particularly like the woodwork on this coop, like the tapers he cut into the ends of the purlins, the alternating corners on the siding, and the added depth and angle on the rafter tails. Michael sent us some great notes and several photos of their handiwork. Here they are:  Read more and discuss »

New chicken coop design coming soon!

New chicken coop plans coming soon!

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be introducing a new chicken coop design in the coming weeks along with detailed plans and a companion hardware kit. It’s an adorable stand-alone coop, perfect for up to 4 hens — and you can build it for under $200! 

I’ve been working on and testing this design for some time and am excited to finally be able to share it with you soon. Stay tuned for more pictures and details.

In the meantime, we’re offering $5 off any of our chicken coop plans, now through April 21, 2014. The discount code is on the order page while it lasts. And we’re fully stocked on nipple waterers, if you’re looking to ease up on the chicken chores this spring.


Make It Your Own: Ethan’s Redwood Garden Coop, Sunnyvale, California

California redwood used to side chicken coop

Check out Ethan’s backyard coop built using The Garden Coop walk-in chicken coop plans. I like the altered dimensions, door, and roof  — and how it all fits into his yard and plantings. He used redwood, which is a beautiful option if it’s available to you. His notes. . .  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Christey’s Illinois Garden Coop with Eglu Cube Henhouse

Modified chicken coop from Garden Coop plans with Eglu Cube henhouse and run added to each side.

Christey built this modified version of The Garden Coop just outside of Chicago, using her existing Eglu chicken coop as the henhouse and adding the Eglu run to the other side as additional space for her hens. She writes: Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Brian J.’s Garden State Chicken Coops

Modified versions of the Garden Coop and Garden Ark

Brian in Northern New Jersey built modified versions of the The Garden Coop and the The Garden Ark chicken coops to fit his Garden State home and needs. He sent us some great notes and photos of his handiwork:  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Susan’s Tennessee Garden Coop with an A-frame henhouse inside!

Chicken coop modified to include an existing a-frame mobile coop.

Susan at Gum Tree Farm in Tennessee already had a small mobile chicken coop, but was looking for a larger, more secure space to complete her chicken habitat. So she cleverly used The Garden Coop chicken coop plans to build a custom enclosure into which she installed her existing A-frame chicken coop for use as a henhouse.

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Make It Your Own: Nate’s Winterized Wisconsin Garden Coop

Winterized chicken coop built from The Garden Coop plans

With extremely cold weather dipping into the U.S. this winter, I thought I’d share some detailed notes I got from a customer in Galesville, Upper Wisconsin. He’s taken several steps to winterize his Garden Coop and reports that his flock of seven has stayed active, healthy, and laying — even as the mercury dips to 20 below. Read on to see what he’s done. The rest of this post comes directly from Nate. . .  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Scott and Dylan’s New York Garden Coop with External Nesting Boxes

Garden Coop in New York built with plans

Scott and his eight-year-old son, Dylan, sent us a note and pictures of The Garden Coop they built together at their home in New York state. The red henhouse with trim and the outboard nesting boxes are great additions!  Read more and discuss »

How to find the tools you need to build your own backyard chicken coop

Wood clamps holds wood together to be drilled.

So you want to build your own backyard chicken coop, but you’re afraid you might not have the right tools for the job. Luckily, it doesn’t take that many tools — a few common hand tools and power tools. And if you can’t find them in your garage or tool chest, don’t despair. Here are some other places to look, and a few tips should you decide to buy them new or used.  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Reed’s Idaho Garden Coop

Modified and expanded Garden Coop hen house and secure run.

Reed in Idaho built this beautifully landscaped chicken coop using our chicken coop plans with modifications to better suit his needs and to match existing buildings on his property. What a great addition to what looks like an already fantastic farm!  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Clay’s Striped Garden Coop, Austin, Texas

Chicken coop with log roosts in run area.
Clay from Austin, Texas sent us a note and pictures of the chicken coop he built using the The Garden Coop plans. The striped stained-wood siding on the henhouse and extra external nesting boxes look fantastic. The rest of the post is from Clay. . . .

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Make It Your Own: Laura’s Expanded Garden Coop, Sonoma County, California

Expanded chicken coop from The Garden Coop plans in Sonoma County

Professional photographer Laura in Sonoma County, California used our chicken coop plans to build and customize this larger version of The Garden Coop design. She sent us a note describing the modifications she made. The rest of this post comes from her. . . .  Read more and discuss »

Make It Your Own: Ying’s Chicago Backyard Coop

Ying made a wonderful addition to her Chicago backyard using the Garden Coop chicken coop plans, modifying the design to have a peaked roof. The rest of the post comes from her. . . . 

Wood frame of backyard chicken coop in Chicago

Building my chicken coop

I bought your plans back in the second week of June and started working on it right away. I finished in early August and wanted to share with you the fruits of my labor!

It was very daunting to see some 30+ pages after I purchased your coop plans and downloaded it, but I was determined to see it through. I thought if other women could do it, why not me?

I deviated from the plan and added my own alterations, but I used the main frame which gave me a fantastic foundation.  Read more and discuss »

Keeping your New Year’s resolution to keep chickens

nine hens sitting on roost in chicken coop

You’ve made it your New Year’s resolution to finally get chickens. Good for you. Chickens are low-maintenance animals that give so much in return. On top of the amazing compost, free entertainment, and fresh eggs right from your backyard, you’ll also gain the skills and confidence to tackle more projects down the line.

Here are 10 steps to help you stay focused so that your chicken keeping resolution becomes chicken keeping reality:  Read more and discuss »